How to control our anger

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DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Thursday, September 15, 2016

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May you find comfort, encouragement, guidance, hope, inspiration, love, and peace – May you also find answers to your question(s) through the Scriptures that address every situation you face, and help with your problems. Deb

explain your anger








Today’s scripture reading:

Only He can make your life worthwhile, purposeful, meaningful

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Monday, April 18, 2016 Today’s scripture reading: Because life is short, live for God while you have the time. Don’t waste your life by selecting an … Continue reading

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Encouraging others

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Saturday, March 12, 2016 Today’s scripture reading: God brings us back to himself (reconciles us) by blotting out our sins and making us right with him. … Continue reading

Ability, Ask, Battles, Believers, Bible, Change, Children, Christianity, Conflict, Criticism, DAILY DEVOTIONAL, Death, Difference, Discipline, Encouragement, Freedom, Gifts, Love, Marriage, Rebellion, Reconciliation, Respond, Scripture, Selfishness, Spiritual Growth, Stubbornness, Truth

Controlling your words

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Saturday, February 6, 2016 Today’s scripture reading: What you say and what you don’t say are both important. To use proper speech you must not only … Continue reading

Anger, DAILY DEVOTIONAL, Marriage, Materialism, Sin, Success, Thoughts, Wisdom

The encouragement you need

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Thursday, May 14, 2015 The past couple of days I have been under the weather. Today’s reading is Deuteronomy 6:1-9, however, I would like to share … Continue reading

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Don’t let anger control you

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Monday, November 17, 2014 We can all learn a good lesson from the story titled “MUZZLING MY MOUTH” in The Upper Room by Debra Pierce (Massachusetts). … Continue reading

Actions, Anger, Angry, Arguments, Attitude, Attitudes, Balance, Barriers, Bitterness, Communication, Complaining, Conflict, Conflicts, Control, Conversation, Conversations, DAILY DEVOTIONAL, Determination, Forgiveness, Freedom, Frustration, Hardened Heart, Jealousy, Loneliness, Lost, Mercy, Patience, Peace, Relationships, Selfishness, Stress, Stubbornness, Temptation, Thoughts, Weaknesses, Word, Words

Anger, constructive & controlled

DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Sunday, November 18, 2012 The story by Tanya Ferdinandusz (Western Province, Sri Lanka) in The Upper Room is titled God’s Way.  Also included in today’s post is a couple of notes and Scriptures how anger can be constructive and … Continue reading

Anger-Angry, Attitudes, Bitterness, Change, Choices, Control, Decisions

Anger, dangerous emotion

DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Thursday, June 14, 2012 Killing is a terrible sin, but anger is a great sin, too, because it also violates God’s command to love.  Anger in this case refers to a seething, brooding bitterness against someone.  It … Continue reading

Handle anger properly

Sunday, January 29, 2012 – Lying to each other disrupts unity by creating conflicts and destroying trust.  It tears down relationships and leads to open warfare in a church.  The Bible doesn’t tell us that we shouldn’t feel angry, but … Continue reading

Actions, Anger, Attitudes, Comfort, Encouragement, Guidance, Hope, Inspiration, Love, Peace, Trust

Controlling the tongue

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 – Teaching was a highly vauled and respected profession in Jewish culture, and many Jews who embraced Christianity wanted to become teachers.  James warned that although it is good to aspire to teach, teachers’ responsibility is … Continue reading

Communication, Encouragement, Guidance, Inspiration, Relationships

Storms in your life

Sunday, July 31, 2011 – The Sea of Galilee (actually a large lake) is even today the scene of fierce storms, sometimes with waves as high as 20 feet.  Jesus’ disciples were not frightened without cause.  Even though several of … Continue reading

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