How do you correct your mistakes

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DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Friday, September 16, 2016

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May you find comfort, encouragement, guidance, hope, inspiration, love, and peace – May you also find answers to your question(s) through the Scriptures that address every situation you face, and help with your problems. Deb

God cares for us






Today’s scripture reading:

Your special role

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Deb

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Tuesday, November 17, 2015 Today’s scripture reading: Our oneness in Christ does not destroy our individuality. The Holy Spirit has given each Christian special gifts for … Continue reading →

Abilities, Ability, Children, Compassion, Compassionate, Correction, Criticism, DAILY DEVOTIONAL, Encouragement, Faith, Family, Forgiveness, Gifts, Heart, Holy Spirit, Impossibilities, Impossible, Job, Jobs, Marriage, Mistakes, Motives, Obedience-Obey, Parents, Preparation, Prepared, Preparing, Pride, Restoration, Restore, Restored, Salvation, Spiritual gifts, Success, Unify, United, Unity, Uselessness, Willingness

Your faith can heal

Posted on September 2, 2015 by Deb

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Sunday, August 30, 2015 Today’s scripture reading: This woman had suffered for 12 years with a hemorrhage. In our times of desperation, we don’t have to … Continue reading →

Anger, Angry, Appearances, Bitterness, Blessings, Change, Children, Choices, Consequences, Courage, DAILY DEVOTIONAL, Deceit, Deceive, Deception, Depend, Dependence, Destruction, Distress, Distressed, Doubt, Doubts, Dreams, Drinking, Emotions, Evil, Faith, Faithfulness, Family, Feelings, Follow, Following, Forgiveness, Fullness, Gifts, Giving Up, Good News, Hardened Heart, Healing, Heart, Help, Helping, Intention, Intentions, Judge, Judging, Justice, Kindness, Learn, Learning, Life, Lifestyle, Love, Marriage, Mistakes, Money, Morals, Motives, Patience, Peace, Persistence, Popularity, Power, Praise, Prayer, Preparation, Prepared, Preparing, Problems, Promise, Promises, Provide, Rebellion, Relationships, Reputation, Right, Satisfaction, Secure, Security, Seek, Seeking, Self, Self-esteem, Sickness, Sin, Soul, Souls, Spiritual Growth, Success, Suffer, Suffering, Temptation, Thankfulness, Thoughts, Time, Training, Trust, Usefulness, Valuable, Value, Values, Wisdom, Worry

The encouragement you need

Posted on May 14, 2015 by Deb

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Thursday, May 14, 2015 The past couple of days I have been under the weather. Today’s reading is Deuteronomy 6:1-9, however, I would like to share … Continue reading →

Abuse, Abuses, Abusing, Actions, Advice, Anger, Angry, Assurance, Battles, Behavior, Blessings, Body, Burden, Burdens, Challenge, Children, Choices, Comfort, Communication, Confidence, Confusion, Control, Correction, Crying, DAILY DEVOTIONAL, Danger, Death, Decisions, Discipline, Discouragement, Drinking, Encouragement, Evil, Faithfulness, Fear, Focus, Gentle, Gentleness, God’s will, Grief, Guidance, Healing, Heart, Hope, Hopeless, Hopelessness, Impatience, Impatient, Life, Loneliness, Lost, Mistakes, Mourning, Neglect, Panic, Peace, Presence, Problems, Quarrels, Resources, Respect, Self-control, Sickness, Stress, Troubles, Trust, Truth, Weaknesses, Worry

Mistakes into opportunities

Posted on January 3, 2015 by Deb

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Sunday, January 4, 2015 God uses our mistakes and turns them into positive opportunities. I would like to share today’s story in The Upper Room by … Continue reading →

Activity, Appearances, Criticism, DAILY DEVOTIONAL, Encouragement, Example, Examples, Excuse, Excuses, Failure, Failures, Foolish, Forgiveness, Forsake, Forsaken, Forsaking, Good, Goodness, Humility, Learn, Learning, Mistakes, Motives, Opportunities, Past, Respond, Response, Restoration, Restore, Restored, Right, Sin, Spiritual Growth, Strength, Success, Thoughts, Time, Weaknesses, Wisdom, Wrong, Wrongdoing

Wrong, Wrongdoing

* Guilt warns us of wrong After sinning, Adam and Eve felt guilt and embarrassment over their nakedness.  Their guilty feelings made them try to hide from God.  A guilty conscience is a warning signal God placed inside you that … Continue reading →


* We should ask God for wisdom  When given a chance to have anything in the world, Solomon asked for wisdom–“an understanding mind”–in order to lead well and to make right decisions.  We can ask God for this same wisdom.  … Continue reading →


* Importance of admitting mistakes How do you react when someone suggests you have made mistakes or done something wrong?  Do you move to correct the mistakes or deny that you need to correct them?  After Cain’s sacrifice was rejected, God gave … Continue reading →

Well pleased

Posted on November 13, 2015 by Deb

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Saturday, November 14, 2015 Today’s scripture reading: The Transfiguration was a vision, a brief glimpse of the true glory of the King. This was a special … Continue reading →

Advice, Assurance, Attitude, Attitudes, Bible, Bitterness, Blessings, Children, Choices, Commitment, Criticism, DAILY DEVOTIONAL, Dreams, Excuse, Excuses, Expectations, Expected, Expects, Faith, Give, Giving, Goals, Greed, Miracle, Miracles, Mistakes, Persistence, Pleasing, Pleasure, Problems, Require, Self, Self-esteem, Sin, Temptation, Trust, Valuable, Value

Forgiveness changes bitterness to joy

Posted on November 10, 2015 by Deb

Click on the following link for previous layout and posts: DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Today’s scripture reading: Paul explained that it was time to forgive the man who had been punished by the church and had … Continue reading →

Anger, Angry, Bible, Bitterness, DAILY DEVOTIONAL, Faith, Fear, Forget, Forgetting, Forgiveness, Forgotten, Future, Healing, Holy Spirit, Joy, Love, Negative, Negatives, Past, Spiritual Growth, Stubbornness


* Wounded pride makes us want to lash out The donkey saved Balaam’s life but made him look foolish in the process, so Balaam lashed out at the donkey. We sometimes strike out at blameless people who get in our … Continue reading →

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