* Forgiveness of sin leads to fresh start, new beginnings 

David did not continue to dwell on his sin.  He returned to God, and God forgave him, opening the way to begin life anew.  Even the name God gave Solomon, Jedidiah “beloved of the Lord”; was a reminder of God’s grace.  When we return to God, accept his forgiveness, and change our ways, he gives us a fresh start, new beginnings.  To feel forgiven as David did, admit your sins to God and turn to him.  Then move ahead with a new and fresh approach to life, new beginnings. (NLT)

2 Samuel 12:20-24 – Then David got up from the ground, washed himself, put on lotions, and changed his clothes.  Then he went to the Tabernacle and worshiped the Lord.  After that, he returned to the palace and ate.  His advisers were amazed.  “We don’t understand you,” they told him.  “While the baby was still living, you wept and refused to eat.  But now that the baby is dead, you have stopped your mourning and are eating again.”

David replied, “I fasted and wept while the child was alive, for I said, ‘Perhaps the Lord will be gracious to me and let the child live.’  But why should I fast when he is dead?  Can I bring him back again?  I will go to him one day, but he cannot return to me.”

Then David comforted Bathsheba, his wife, and slept with her.  She became pregnant and gave birth to a son, and they named him Solomon.  The Lord loved the child.

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