Effective, Effectiveness

* Being effective comes from organization

The nation of Israel was organized according to tribes for several reasons.  (1) It was an effective way to manage and govern a large group.  (2) It made dividing the Promised Land easier.  (3) It was part of their culture and heritage (people were not known by a last name, but by their family, clan, and tribe).  (4) It made it easier to keep detailed genealogies, and genealogies were the only way to prove membership in God’s chosen nation.  (5) It made travel much more efficient.  The people followed the tribe’s standard (a kind of flag) and thus stayed together and kept from getting lost. (NLT)

Numbers 2:2 – “Each tribe will be assigned its own area in the camp, and the various groups will camp beneath their family banners.  The Tabernacle will be located at the center of these tribal compounds.

* Solomon was well organized, with 11 high officials with specific responsibilities, 12 district governors, and a governor in charge of the district governors.  Each person had a specific responsibility or territory to manage.  This organization was essential to maintain the government’s effectiveness: It was a wise move by a wise man.  It is good stewardship to be well organized.  Good organization helps people work together in harmony and ensures that the desired goal will be reached. (NLT)

1 Kings 4:1 – So Solomon was king over all Israel

* Effective living starts with right attitude

Notice how the third captain went to Elijah.  Although the first two captains called Elijah “man of God,” they were not being genuine–God was not in their hearts.  The third captain also called him “man of God,” but he humbly begged for mercy.  His attitude showed respect for God and his power and saved the lives of his men.  Effective living begins with a right attitude toward God.  Before religious words come to your mouth, make sure they are from your heart.  Let respect, humility, and servant-hood characterize your attitude toward God and others.  (NLT) 

2 Kings 1:13-15 – Once more the king sent a captain with fifty men.  But this time the captain fell to his knees before Elijah.  He pleaded with him, “O man of God, please spare my life and the lives of these, your fifty servants.  See how the fire from heaven has destroyed the first two groups.  But now please spare my life!”  Then the angel of the Lord said to Elijah, “Don’t be afraid.  Go with him.”  So Elijah got up and went to the king. 

 * Strategy for effective living

Begins with God’s wisdom – Respecting and appreciating who God is; reverence and awe in recognizing the almighty God. 

Requires moral application – Trusting in God and his Word; allowing his Word to speak to us personally; willing to obey.

Requires practical application – Acting on God’s direction in daily devotions.

Results in effective living – Experiencing what God does with our obedience.  (NLT)

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