Giving Up

Giving up never an option when you believe in God

Giving up was not an option, therefore, God changed a situation that had been a problem for years.  Like the leper and the demon-possessed men, this woman was considered unclean.  For 12 years, she, too, had been one of the “untouchables” and had not been able to lead a normal life. But Jesus changed that and restored her.  Sometimes we are tempted to give up on people or situations that have not changed for many years.  God can change what seems unchangeable, giving new purpose and hope.  (NLT)

Matthew 9:22 – Jesus turned around and said to her, “Daughter, be encouraged!  Your faith has made you well.”  And the woman was healed at that moment.

May you find comfort, encouragement, guidance, hope, inspiration, love,
and peace – May you also find
answers to your question(s) through the Scriptures that address every situation
you face, and help with your problems: ; ;;

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