Topics A-G


Don’t give up on God when you feel abandoned / Why did Rehoboam abandon God?


Definition of ability, abilities / Given each of us the ability / The Spirit gives the ability / Don’t let your abilities diminish / Responsibility to use abilities well / Invest your abilities wisely / Utilize abilities in the church / Use well your abilities and gifts / Use abilities and gifts regularly in serving


Don’t forget God in your abundance / Abundance can be a barrier to faith / Abundance of God’s love / Abundance of praise / God’s abundant generosity / Place of great abundance / Abundance of prosperity / Abundance of joy


Dealing with abuse, verbal / Shouldn’t abuse what God has made / Don’t abuse your possessions


The definition of accept, acceptable, acceptance / What is socially acceptable is not always right / Jesus accepts you as you are / Help the rejected feel accepted / Many won’t accept your faith / Many find it difficult to accept Jesus / God accepts anyone who turns to him / Accepting only parts of Scripture / God unconditionally accepts us


Our easy access to God


Attitudes more important than accomplishments / Don’t look for meaning in accomplishments / Accomplishments evaporate quickly / Accomplishments cannot earn salvation / Don’t base your self-worth on accomplishments / See also SUCCESS:


We are accountable for many of our problems / All are accountable to Christ


Wanting accurate information but not God’s truth


What does an accusation mean? / Untrue accusations against Jesus / Jesus’ warning that Moses will accuse them / Accusations against Stephen / Evaluate accusations against God’s workers / Accusations against Paul / Your conscience may accuse you


The accused could flee to city of refuge / Be impartial toward the accused until after fair trial / If you are unjustly accused


Relying on achievements for self-worth / Depression may follow great achievements / It is pride to take full credit for achievements / No achievements can earn you salvation


Acknowledgment of our need for Jesus


Children copy their parents action / True repentance is revealed by our actions / What actions mark you as a follower of God? / Balancing prayer with action / Think before you act / Complaining versus acting on problems / Act on what’s right / When we must take decisive action / God doesn’t act through those unwilling to act for him / Jesus’ actions proved who he is / True faith results in action / Do your actions back up your words? / Good actions don’t always reflect good attitudes / You will be treated as you treat others / Action must be consistent with attitudes / Actions demonstrate what we think about Jesus


Finding time with God in midst of activity


Don’t let administration become more important than God’s Word


Why we admire those we most despise



Advice of parents often helpful / Always seek God’s advice / Be careful about negativism in advice / Don’t be too quick to reject advice / Seek God’s advice even in minor issues / How to carefully evaluate advice / Don’t seek God’s advice if you’re going to ignore it / Test others’ advice against God’s Word / Understand a person’s situation before giving advice / Some need compassion more than advice / Seek advice from those with more wisdom and experience / Seeking advice from everyone but God / Love often means giving tough advice


Affection is / Affections control the way we live / Love each other with genuine affection / Pray with deep affection


How did Bible people live so long / Our responsibility to honor the elderly / Old age not a barrier to being used by God / Young age not a barrier to being used by God / Begin to obey God at a young age / Age not a criterion for wisdom / Elderly have great value / Those older than you can give good advice / Seek God while still young / Respect of elders / Bible relevant to all ages



Alliances can lead to compromise / Alliances with those who follow God / Alliance dangerous with unbelievers / What to ask before entering into an alliance


God doesn’t use his anger to judge us / God’s anger versus God’s patience / Anger blinds us to our wrongdoing / Controlling anger / Anger resulting from wounded pride / Using anger constructively / Anger can lead to hatred and murder / Learning from God’s anger / Anger takes our focus off God / When God’s patience gives way to anger / Danger of words spoken in anger / Jesus’ anger toward money changers / When anger is appropriate / Why God is angry with sinful people / Determine why you are angry with others’ sins / Venting anger under the guise of discipline / Do you get angry when confronted? / Don’t discipline out of anger / Anger is a dangerous emotion


Not knowing all the answers develops faith / Only God has all the answers / Don’t think you have all the answers / Eternity will answer our questions / Beware of those who claim to have all the answers


Don’t have anxiety about details beyond your control / Anxiety can cause us to forfeit peace with God / anxiety can reveal a lack of faith in God’s control / Don’t have anxiety if you can’t understand everything / Anxiety’s ill effects / Difference between planning and having anxiety /  Holy Spirit helps us stop having anxiety / Other ways to resist having anxiety /  Most worries, anxiety, will seem trivial in the future / Turn your worries, anxiety, into prayers / Seven reasons not to worry, have anxiety


Don’t judge others by appearances alone / Lying to make yourself look good / Pharisees’ concern about appearances / Outer appearances versus inner appearances


Principles of God’s Old Testament law still apply today / The people didn’t know how to apply the Bible / Importance of application / Applying a true principle wrongly / Application makes faith come alive / Knowledge must be applied / Bible can be applied because it is inspired / Using the Bible for life’s application


Why arguments are so harmful / Use a quiet response to stop arguments / Interfering in arguments


Asking God anything but also expect anything / Ask questions before fighting / Don’t be afraid to ask others for help


Don’t assume God won’t help you / Don’t assume worst in others / Don’t assume someone won’t respond to the Good News / Don’t be suspicious in your assumptions / Wrong assumptions lead to wrong conclusions / Assumptions comes from applying a true principle wrongly / Don’t assume your problems don’t have solutions / Don’t assume you’ve married the wrong person


Assurance of God’s presence & power / Assurance of answered prayer brings peace / Assurance of eternal life / Assurance found in the Holy Spirit’s presence / Assurance you received when you heard the Good News / Assurance that you will share in Christ’s glory / Holy Spirit gave you full assurance / Assurance of what we hope will happen


“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  Winston Churchill

Attitude toward giving / Cain’s attitude was wrong / Attitudes of Joseph’s brothers were changed / Attitude about approaching God/ Having a positive attitude toward God / Is your attitude more negative than positive? / Snowball effect of a negative attitude / God’s anger at Balaam’s greedy attitude / Lashing out a sign of wrong attitudes / Don’t conform your attitude to those of society / Attitude toward menial tasks / Do you let others dictate your attitude? / Attitude of always looking for good in others / Effective living begins with right attitudes / Attitude color our personality / Do your attitudes reflect values of the world or of Christ? / Outward obedience without a change of heart / Slipping into skeptical attitudes / Attitudes must be consistent with actions / Jesus exposed true attitudes of religious leaders / Developing new attitudes toward problems / Attitudes toward money and wealth / Several hurtful attitudes toward others / Attitudes of worldliness / Attitudes displayed in the Good Samaritan parable


Do you focus more on the bad than good? / How to handle bad news


Balance in worship / Balance between God’s blessings and judgment


Should be no barriers in marriage / Barriers can develop faith and obedience / Don’t let barriers block you from Jesus / Jesus’ death removes barriers / Jesus breaks down barriers of prejudice


Never forget basics of faith


God fights our battles / Don’t fight when you can make peace / Fighting battles God’s way / David consulted God before battle / The final battle of history / Are you fighting on the winning side?


How to understand beatitudes


Beauty’s definition / Beauty begins inside a person / Our work can take on beauty / Beautiful thoughts / Perfection of beauty / Beautify a palace / Composite of ideal womanhood / Everything beautiful for its own time / Awe-inspiring beauty / Beauty will be gone / Beautiful feet / Beautiful on the outside


Forgiveness of sin leads to fresh start, new beginnings


Do you let others dictate your behavior? / Repentance is changing the behavior that produces sin / How can we be perfect in our behavior? / Faith results in changed behavior / Why God asks us to restrict our behavior


God declares us righteous when we believe / What you do can’t be separated from what you believe / Belief seems too simple to many / What your attitudes reveal about your belief / Belief gives us courage / Difference between belief & faith / When it is hard to believe in Jesus’ help / Faith requires belief / Don’t miss opportunities to believe / Refusing to believe leads to a hardened heart / Stages of belief / Importance of believing in others / Believing for the wrong reasons


Should provide for the needy / Must support each other in difficult times / Must trust God in adversity too / All are God’s chosen people / People will be judged by how they treat believers / Many who claim to be will be rejected by God / Must coexist with unbelievers / Now have direct access to God / Essential for them to be united / Secret believers / Importance of helping new ones / How others’ life experiences can help you better know how God works / Do people know you as one? / How to know if you are one / Do you act more like an unbeliever? / Two gifts God gives to believers / Be wary of binding partnerships with unbelievers / No barriers should separate them / All believers are our brothers and sisters / Need companionship of other believers / Elements that should characterize them


Scriptures in the Bible a map to guide us / To fulfill what the Bible says / The other parts of the Bible / Measuring the effectiveness of your Bible Scripture study time / Forcing the messages in the Bible to fit our desires / The Bible should have immediate impact on us / Acts not condemned in the Bible aren’t necessarily okay / The Bible teaches us difference between right and wrong / Reliability of the Bible / The Bible helps us find wisdom / The Bible as a light / The Bible is our responsibility to pass it on / The Bible must be put into practice / Don’t ignore the parts of the Bible that make you uncomfortable / Pastors and leaders must not be ignorant of Scriptures in the Bible / Using the Bible to combat temptation / Using the Bible wrongly to support sinful desires / Keeping God’s laws but missing true intent of the Bible / Knowing the Bible but not living it / The Bible Scriptures are truths that never change / The Bible reveals a living God / The Bible offers help for our problems / Holy Spirit helps us understand the Bible / Ask others to help you understand the Bible / Don’t accept only certain parts of the Bible / Compare what you hear with the truths of the Bible / What to do when Bible Scripture is silent on an issue / The Bible not for information but transformation / Don’t miss main point for the details of the Bible / Ignoring the Bible is neglecting God / The entire Bible is inspired by God / Purpose of the Bible / Cannot shape Scripture doctrines to match your opinions / Ignorance of the Bible makes us vulnerable to deception / The Bible reveals who we are and what we are not / The Bible is relevant to all ages / Don’t distort the message of the Scriptures in the Bible


Removing bitterness from your life / Don’t mix despair with bitterness / Bitterness can build to an obsession / Forgiveness changes bitterness to joy / Turning bitterness to opportunity / Danger of bitterness / Poor often affected by bitterness


Five parts of an ancient blessing / Blessings come to the faithful / Limiting blessings by lack of faith / Blessings received through humble obedience / Prosperity not always an indication of blessings / Don’t use blessings to impress others / Balancing God’s blessings and judgment / Don’t let God’s blessings make you forget him / Some of God’s blessings are conditional / What keeps us from God’s ultimate blessings / Blessings comes from reverencing God / Messiah’s life-giving blessings / Blessings may lead first to pain / Being hardhearted despite our blessings / How persecution is a blessing /  Blessings come from staying in contact with God’s people / Blessings don’t always come as material possessions / Blessings of eternal life


How we pollute our body / Jesus came to save our bodies too / Body illustrates unity among believers / Body and soul inseparably related / Spiritually the body belongs to God / Physically the body belongs to spouse


Let burdens make you better, not bitter / Why God is able to bear our burdens / How Jesus frees people from burdens / Give your burdens to the Lord / A burden too heavy to bear / To help ease the burden / Not be a burden to anyone


Call has several different meanings / Preparing children to fulfill God’s call / God will listen when we call / Call on God for help and strength / A prayer is calling God / Call on God now / Jesus calls Peter and Andrew / Those who love God are called by Him / Is God calling you? / Every job and ability can become your Christian work, calling / Has God called and chosen you?


God’s personal care for hurting people / Jesus’ caring nature / Caring for those who are afflicted / Does God care about your church?


Careless ones will begin to care / Careless living, drinking, or foolish pursuit of pleasure / Carelessness in obeying God / Carelessness of David in transporting the Ark / Don’t be careless about your faith


Let God help you with life’s challenges / Challenge others with your vision / The world will challenge our faith


God patiently waits for us to change / God can work a change in even the hardest heart / Trusting God when tough circumstances don’t change / Don’t just pretend to change / Prayer can change things / God’s presence helps us handle change / Problems often solved by change of heart / Change doesn’t always come quickly / God is our foundation in midst of / Have you gone far enough in changing your actions? / Repentance is changing behavior that produces sin / Inner change leads to faithful action / God never changes / Jesus may ask you to change life’s direction / A changed life is the result of true repentance / God changes people we consider unchangeable / Have you changed on the inside / Don’t ignore needed change in your life / How the Good News transforms lives / Should becoming a Christian make you change jobs? / How to prepare for change / Christ can make a great change in a relationship


Developed by difficult circumstances / Degraded by sin / Tainted by jealousy and immorality / God judges by character not appearance / Can yours face pressure? / Evaluating God’s / How can we be perfect? / Strengthened by temptation / How ours is strengthened


Children follow parents’ example / Significance of children’s names / Teaching children to follow God / How children are affected by the sins of their parents / Child Sacrifice / Parent-child relationships / Is it ever right for children to disobey parents? / Preparing children to fulfill God’s call / Children a blessing from God / Discipline of children / Avoid complaining in front of children / Importance of obeying God at early age / Pray for children / Encouraging children to follow wisdom / Teaching children to make their own choices / Teaching children life’s lessons you’ve learned / Hard for parents to let children go / Jesus welcomed children / Having faith like a child / Being childlike versus childish / Our responsibility to instruct children in faith / Children have the kind of attitude needed to approach God / God’s will for children vs. parents’ will for children / Children are important to God / Purpose of parental discipline / Believers are God’s children


Choices given to us by God / Why God gives us the freedom to make our own choices / What choices seem wise vs. what is wise / Abraham made a good choice / Why God chose Israel as a special nation / Disobedience a foolish choice / Making right daily choices / May need to seek more options, choices / The day to day choices we make are important / Consider long-range effects of choices / Benefits of good choices / Questions to ask to help us to make right choices / Following Christ means making difficult choices / Maintain an eternal perspective in choices / God allows us to make choices / Trusting in God’s choices for you / Making choices on sensitive issues / Mature choices vs. immature choices



Examine it for yourself / Beatitudes describe it / Not all who talk about heaven belong there / May separate friends or loved ones / Its growth from small beginnings / Is ridiculed / Why some may resist it / For all people / Can’t have benefits of while clinging to sin / Are you attracted to it for wrong reasons? / The two sides of the Christian life / How to know if you’re a believer / Its relationship to government / Impacts both physical & spiritual / May bring few earthly benefits / Jesus’ resurrection is key to Christianity


God used Jephthah despite his unfair circumstances / Make good use of present circumstances / Look at your circumstances from God’s point of view / Steps for dealing with difficult circumstances / God has put you, in your circumstances, where you are for a purpose / Circumstances not always a measure of God’s goodness / How believers can react to circumstances


Definition of / Cleanse me from these hidden faults / Be cleansed of your sins / Cleansed their hearts through faith / Spiritual cleansing comes only from God / Outer versus inner


Is your faith getting too comfortable / Doing God’s will doesn’t guarantee a comfortable life / Sensitivity in how you comfort others / Ways to comfort those in pain / May come through adversity / In knowing God keeps his promises / Comfort instead of conflict – sin, fear, uncertainty, doubt


Purpose of Ten Commandments / Significance of the first one of Ten Commandments / Why we should still obey the Ten Commandments / Commandment regarding to God’s name / Commandment regarding the Sabbath /  The first commandment with a promise attached / Commandment not to testify falsely / Commandment not to covet


Learned through being tested / Don’t compromise commitment to God / Renew yours to God by taking a spiritual holiday / Destroyed by sex outside marriage / How we live shows our commitment to God / God wants our total commitment / Brings rewards / Confession involves / How we commit everything to God / Commit to praising God daily / Temptation distracts us from / Marriage designed for a lifetime / What true commitment to Christ means / Ours for Christ must be total / What it means to take your cross and follow Jesus / What it takes to follow Jesus / Determines our fate in God’s Kingdom / Jesus’ commitment to love us / Fades quickly when based on wrong things / Determines our ability to keep promises / God calls us to commitment not comfort / Submission is mutual commitment


Reliability needed in communication / Nagging hinders communication / Why many are afraid to talk with God


Avoid comparing yourself to others / Compare yourself with God not others


Compassion goes beyond keeping the law / Be as compassionate as God is to you / Some need compassion more than advice / Sailors showed more compassion than Jonah / Compassion – responding to the needs of others / Compassion of Jesus / Show compassion instead of judging others / Luke is an example of compassion


Don’t respond to crisis with complaining / Complaining a response to stress / Pray instead of complaining / Take your complaining to God / Complaining comes from forgetting what we have / Don’t complain about problems without doing something about them / Temper complaining with words of joy / Why is complaining so harmful? / Complaining erodes our faith in God


Prayers concerning a variety of situations / Being concerned about wrong things


Confession explained / Must precede forgiveness / Paves way for God to work / Involves commitment / Importance of confessing sins to one another


Comes from God’s strength, not our own / In the face of global destruction / Lack of it makes us struggle with new challenges / To speak out for Christ / How Holy Spirit gives us


Take the initiative to solve conflict / Preparing for conflict / When it’s wise to avoid conflicts / Conflict not always worth the consequences / Try to make peace first before conflict / Find common goals bigger than your differences, conflicts / Jesus controls the storms, conflicts, of life / Conflict between believers & unbelievers / Finding peace in conflict / Conflict need not affect spiritual unity / Conflict sometimes inevitable for the Christian / Should Christians go to court over conflict? / Selfish desires often a cause of conflict


Confusion is found in sinful sexual relationships / Confusion makes us ineffective for God / Confusion caused when others add to God’s Word / Our confusion toward sin


Job’s conscience was clear / Absence of a guilty conscience doesn’t mean you’re doing right / Pilate ignored his conscience / Follow your conscience when the Scriptures are silent / Avoid harming conscience of weaker brother / How can you keep your conscience clear?


Consequences of even a small sin is deadly / Consequences of Shechem’s rape / Consequences of living with the choices we make / Consequences of sin last a long time / Consequences of sin are passed on to loved ones / Consequences of disobedience to God / Consider consequences before making a choice / God’s warnings help us avoid tragic consequences / Forgiveness of sin may not stop its consequences / All your decisions have consequences / Consequences of intentional sin more severe / Consequences ignored when we want something bad enough / Consequences of David’s sin with Bathsheba / Consequences of sin caused ruined lives / Think before you act / Consequences of rejecting Christ’s offer


Satan tries to undermine our contentment / Contentment understands who supplies our needs / Contentment not found in money / Humility brings contentment / Contentment with what you have / Contentment in any situation you face


You must choose what will control you / God always in ultimate control / Satan’s temporary control of earth / Submitting to Christ’s control / Practicing thought control / God’s control over Satan / Freedom from sin’s control


Share spiritual experiences in conversations / Different ways God speaks in conversations / Avoid destructive rumors in conversations / Your presence more important than words in conversations / Stay away from irrelevant disputes in conversations / Listening an important part of conversations / Learning what not to say in conversations / Damage the tongue can do in conversations / What our words in conversations reveal about us / What motivates our speech in conversations?


Correction must be motivated by love / Be affirming in correction / Caring enough to correct / Wrong approaches in confronting correction


Courage to face new situations and surroundings / Courage shown by Hebrew midwifes / Courage of Moses’ mother / With God as our refuge, we can dare to be bold and have courage / Courage comes through obedience / Courage can be misinterpreted as cowardice / Courage to stand firm in your convictions / Courage to respond boldly to events around us / Courage to back down for the sake of others / Courage comes from belief / Why all believers can have courage / Courage to take advantage of opportunities / Courage in witnessing


What is a covenant? / God’s covenant with Noah / God’s covenant and the conditions with Abraham / Conditions of Abraham’s covenant / Why God made a covenant with Abraham / God restates his covenant with Israel / How to fulfill our covenants with God / Purpose of God’s covenant with Israel / God’s covenant with David / Did God break his covenant with David? / Covenant between God and returned exiles / Jesus’ new covenant / How Jesus fulfills old covenant / God’s true covenant people / New and old covenants compared


Making the punishment fit the crime / Those crimes Jesus was accused of / Criminals who died by Jesus


Much of it doesn’t focus on the real issue / Have your facts straight before you criticize / Reacting to unjust criticism / Don’t let it stop you from serving God / Criticizing others for your own weaknesses / Maintaining composure when criticized / Reproving those in authority / Doing it for right reasons / How do you react to? / Learning from / How Jesus said to avoid it  & Magnifying others’ faults & excusing your own / How it becomes hypocritical / Excusing your sinful actions while criticizing others’ / Be affirming in / Must be motivated by love / Don’t be defensive when criticized / Principles of confrontation / How we become critical of others / Keep your conduct above criticism


How to keep it from paralyzing us


How to face death / Why you need not fear death / Don’t let death leave you empty-handed / Planning for death / Death as the result of sin / If you’re not ready to die you’re not ready to live / Being spiritually dead



How Satan tries to deceive us / Not justified, even to achieve worthy goal / Wrong miracles can deceive us / How we deceive others / Comes when we want to believe what we shouldn’t / More powerful than we realize / Leads to disaster / Of flattery / Of money / Of Christians in the end times / Ignorance of Bible leads to


Teach us to be responsible / Principles for making sound ones / Deciding daily to follow God / Don’t delay them when God gives you all the facts / Have lasting consequences / Weight both positives & negatives / Don’t let impatience affect yours / May need to seek more options / Getting support for yours / Don’t let money affect yours / How prayer helps in / Too much alcohol affect the king’s decision making / Identify your motives when making / God increases the available options / Following Christ requires difficult decisions / Maintain an eternal perspective when making / Taking responsibility for yours / You must decide for yourself who Jesus is / How peer pressure affects them / Indecision about Christ is deciding against him / Making wise ones in difficult circumstances / “Ignore it and it will go away!”


God performs many wonderful deeds / Deeds publicly declare praise / Good deeds should come from a changed life / That which is in your heart are the deeds you do / Loving deeds are marks of effective Christians


What does the word “Delight” mean / Delight in obeying God, the more fruitful we are / Delight in the Lord’s perfections / How we delight in the Lord


God is faithful and you can depend on His Word / Reliable communication you can depend on / Depend on your God / What it means to depend on God / Disciples were to depend on others for support / Dependence on God as a key to prayer


Depression often follows great achievements / Depression often follows a spiritual victory / Remember God’s goodness when depressed


The burning desire for possessions / Immediate vs. long-range desires / Some desires are worth waiting for / Don’t let unfulfilled desires obsess you / Wanting to love God vs. feeling obligated to / Make sure your desires aren’t selfish ones / Satisfying right desires in wrong ways / How to do what God wants, desires  / Your heart’s desire / Aligning your desires with God’s / Evil acts begin with evil desires / Desires control how we live / Wrong desires blind your judgment / Using the Bible to support wrong desires / Desire to do wrong is like doing it / Wrong desires lead to wrong actions / Prayer involves God’s desires not ours / When desires conflict with obedience / Making desire for God top priority / Lessons Paul leaned about sinful desires / Desire the most helpful gifts / Dealing with our natural evil desires / Our wrong desires vs. the fruit of the Spirit


We don’t have to despair / Don’t respond to crisis with despair


Sinning out of desperation


God’s mercy keeps us from complete destruction / Destructive consequences of sin / Evidence of Sodom’s destruction / Destroying evil in your life / Why Israelites were told to destroy Canaanite people / Destructive force of jealousy / Destroy what takes God’s place in your life / Confidence in the face of global destruction / Destructive intent of demons / Destruction not the purpose of God’s judgment / No fear of destruction when it comes / Wickedness leads to destruction / God will not permit the godly to slip and fall into the pit of destruction / Pride goes before destruction / Careful plans for their destruction


Determination to obey God / Determination to do what Jesus asks of you


Religious differences in marriage / Do people see the difference God makes in your life? / Disciples were to work together despite their differences / How early church settled their differences / Differences of opinion need not harm Christian unity


May be testing your faith / Danger of solving them our way / Blaming others for ours / Don’t run away from / None too complicated for God / Lying brings more / God will help solve yours /God overcomes the impossible ones / Christianity doesn’t guarantee problem-free life / Wrong solutions worse than no solutions / Let them make you better / When you can’t solve yours, God can /  How God views our problems / Can exercise our patience /  Big problems let God give big answers  /  Maintain your faith despite them / God can get you out of any kind / Do you complain or pray about them? / God concerned about each one / Finding hope in midst of / Focus on positive aspects of / Don’t trust God with only the small ones / From failing to trust God / Overrating yours / Sometimes caused by allowing sin to remain in our lives / How to keep them from getting the upper hand / Our problems are no problem for God to solve /  Turn to God first when problems arise / Look first within yourself for why they come / Don’t complain about them without doing something about them / Putting giant ones in perspective / Look for solutions rather than blame / Come from excusing sin / Don’t question God’s goodness in / Refine our character / Why God is able to bear ours / Are you just using God to escape yours? / Do you rejoice at others’ problems? / Jesus controls the storms of life / Trusting God with / How we underestimate Jesus’ help in / Should not keep us from God / God hasn’t lost sight of yours / Why we should be able to help others with / Developing a new attitude toward / Your life not too complex for God / Don’t let them hinder love / Make prayer your first step in solving / How God works them all for good / Legalism causes us to look for / Let them drive you toward not away from God /  May be a sign of effective living /  What they can teach us


Dignity comes from knowing sin is forgiven / Show dignity to all people equally


Comes from leaving God out of your plans


What discernment is / Discernment vs. negativism / Discernment in teaching / To ask God for the right things / Discernment essential for spiritual growth / Help us discern what is truly from God


Guidelines for discipline / Discipline important to character development / Let discipline turn you toward God, not away / Undisciplined children lack of it / Ask God to temper his discipline with mercy / Self-discipline developed through trials / Discipline helps one discern right from wrong / Consistency in discipline / Don’t discipline out of anger / God’s discipline is a sign of his love / Our various responses to discipline / God may discipline you to wake you from complacency


Don’t be discouraged when some reject your faith / Keep your faith in times of / Pray when you feel discouraged / Don’t let people discourage you / Often comes after spiritual victory / Makes us feel sorry for ourselves / Remember God’s purposes during / Avoiding it when you witness / Turning it into opportunity


How obeying God’s laws can keep us from diseases / Leprosy explained / Jesus heals both physical and spiritual sickness / Sin as an incurable disease / Disease will one day be no more


Don’t let distractions keep you from Jesus


How God rescues us from distress / God may use distress / You don’t have to live distressed / God the only one who can reverse our situations / When you are weary from your distress / Source for our strength / Change of mind and heart / Holy Spirit helps us in our distress


Satan raises doubt within us / Doubt causes us to forfeit peace with God / Don’t doubt God’s ability to help / Momentary doubt vs. lack of trust / Doubt about God / Zechariah an example of obedience despite doubts / Doubt demonstrates a human perspective only / Doubt makes us vulnerable to temptation / How Jesus helped John’s doubts / Admitting doubts helps resolve them / Believing despite having doubts / When you doubt Jesus’ help / Using doubts positively / Jesus’ reaction to Thomas’s doubts / How wisdom eases doubt


Magicians couldn’t interpret Pharaoh’s dreams / Joseph’s dreams were coming true / Dreams of Nebuchadnezzar / Dreams of Joseph, Mary’s husband


Lessons from Noah’s drunkenness / Drinking affected Xerxes’ decisions / Drinking lowers the capacity for control / Your drinking affects others / Drinking won’t solve your problems / Drinking not the answer for confusion / Don’t be brought low by wine Dangers of alcohol / …or is abusive, or a drunk / Use this for depression, monotony, or tension instead of drinking / Drinking to avoid pain / Drinking can be a slave that controls you


Comes from organization /  Effective living starts with right attitude / Strategy for effective living


Importance of community effort / Getting to know God takes effort / Our own effort not enough to defeat sin


When you’re too concerned about what others think of you /  Put aside to point others to Jesus


Emotions can cause us to forget facts about God / Avoid rash promises in heat of emotions / Worship involves full range of emotions  / Don’t be afraid to express your emotions


Employer-employee relationships / Submitting to employers even if unjust


Important role of God’s prophets / Can change someone’s life  / Giving it to new believers / When loved ones die / Prayers can be a source of  / Finding it from other faithful believers / Checklist for Encouragers


Endurance of Jeremiah / Endurance an evidence of salvation / Endurance essential to faith / We will find our endurance has been worth it / The secret to endurance


Loving enemies / Do you believe God can help you with enemies? / God has already defeated our enemies / God not intimidated by lots of enemies / Are differences bigger than common goals? / Who our enemies are / When you feel surrounded by enemies / Our reluctance to share God’s love with enemies / Resolving differences with enemies quickly / Be prepared for enemies / Can Christians dislike enemies?


Spend more time thinking about eternal life / What keeps us from God’s ultimate blessings of eternal life / How to get eternal life / How eternal life is different from life now / Eternal life begins at spiritual rebirth / God is the source of eternal life / Gate to eternal life is narrow / Comes through faith, not just being good / Cling to this life and lose eternal life / Security of eternal life / Eternal life comes only through Jesus / This life just the introduction to eternal life / Eternal life includes presence of Holy Spirit / Our full reward comes then / Can’t earn eternal life / Becoming acceptable for eternal life / Human views about eternal life are faulty / Relationships in eternal life / How Jesus proved existence of eternal life / Rich promises of eternal life / Those who do God’s will find eternal life / We have eternity in us now / What eternal life involves / Choose what is lasting over what is temporary / God will create a new earth in eternity / What eternal life will be like / Blessings of eternal life / One way to eternal life with God


Avoiding it / Evil exploded with earth’s population growth / Lot absorbed evil because of his surroundings / Would God destroy the righteous with the wicked in Sodom? / Wrong to return evil for evil / What about the “lesser of two evils”? / God brings good even from evil / Find little ways to act against evil / Occult is rooted in evil / Holiness is separation from evil / Never side with evil / Destroy evil in your life / Don’t become curious about evil practices / Why God doesn’t punish all evil immediately / How Saul could be filled with the Spirit and later do such evil things / No evil too great for repentance / Must admit your evil potential / Evil permeated northern kingdom / How to pray to God about evil / Why do evil persons become wealthy? / How its effect backfires / Why are we upset when evil persons prosper? / We’re never alone in our battle against evil / Cant’ get away with evil forever / Don’t be tempted by wealth of wicked / Evil acts begin with evil desires / Planning evil as bad as doing evil / A small amount of evil can destroy us / Why does God seem indifferent to evil? / Why do evil people go unpunished? / God sometimes uses evil people to punish evil people / A small amount of evil affects many / The “sacrilegious object that causes desecration” / Final state of the wicked / Church won’t shelter you from evil / Conquering fear of evil / Jesus’ ultimate victory over evil / Ambition can lead to evil / Evil is always trying to push Holy Spirit out of our lives / Don’t be silent against evil / How to withstand Satan’s attacks / Powerful evil forces work against us / Learning to see good in midst of evil / People usually slip into evil gradually / How can a person keep away from the evil system?


Being an influence on others by example vs. being influenced by others / A righteous example affects other for good / Children follow parents’ example / Rising above the influence of poor models example / Many will not follow your good example / Teaching others by example / Jesus’ resisting temptation an example to us / Why Paul was such a good example / Examples for us / Younger believers are watching your example / Does your example make it easier for others to believe? / Example of patience in suffering / Lead them by your good example


How we excuse sin / Making excuses to avoid serving God / Your limitations won’t excuse you from serving God / Don’t make excuses for your disobedience / The sins we excuse cause the most trouble / Don’t look for excuses to leave your marriage / Excuses for not believing / Excuses for avoiding what God wants you to do / Pilate’s excuses for condemning Jesus didn’t remove his guilt / Excuses for avoiding the needs of others / Excuses for not witnessing / How we excuse indifferent to others / No excuses for bad behavior / No excuse for being disrespectful


Our expectations may not be in harmony with God’s / God does what we think is impossible / Those with an attitude of service go beyond what is expected / Opportunities may come when least expected / God often uses unexpected sources when working in our lives / What God expects from us / Don’t underestimate God expectations / Good people exceed normal expectations / If you expect opposition you can be prepared for it / Wrong expectations about God / Wrong expectations about Christ / Will come when least expected / Jews’ wrong expectations about Jesus / Correct expectations of Jesus / Don’t limit God by your expectations / Expectations in God’s Kingdom may surprise us / Faith as expectation / What to expect when you pray / How Jesus exceeded people’s expectations / Expect an answer / A wonderful expectation


Share your experiences with your children / You grow spiritually through experiences / Those who have much experience may offer good advice


Let failures strengthen, not weaken you / Our fear of failure causes us to hide / Don’t repeat those failures of others /  God’s work not limited by human failure / Recognizing our failure(s)


Was God fair to people of Sodom? / Those in Christian service should be paid fairly / Fairness ignored by King Jeroboam II / Fairness in business transactions / Life isn’t always fair / Fairness in judging others / Fairness a condition for a relationship with God


Definition / Spirit gives special faith / Using the Bible for life’s application /  What is faith? / Lack of it brings series of problems / Grows with exercise / Complaining can show lack of / Lack of it brings troubles / Is following God despite the difficulties / Involves endurance to the end / Affected by relationships / How well does yours take pressure? / Criteria by which God works through people / God’s provision as large as your faith / Opens the door to new resources / Is believing in the impossible / Don’t get so preoccupied with yours that you don’t share it / Your life must show evidence of / God can rekindle the smallest amount / Not knowing all the answers develops it / Adversity destroys counterfeit faith / Could you trust God if you lost everything? / Does not guarantee prosperity & Mustn’t be based on personal comfort / Linked to optimism / When you feel stagnant in / Comes alive when we apply Scripture / Won’t eliminate feelings of rejection or disappointment / Being faithful regardless of the circumstances / Is yours real? / Doesn’t always exempt us from suffering / What motivates your faith? / Relationship between faith and deeds / New believers can share it too / Our faith affects others / Why some may resist yours / Often proved through persecution / It alone brings eternal life / Difference between faith & belief / When it isn’t popular to believe / Strengthened by waiting / No excuses for not believing / What to do when yours falters / Turning small faith into sufficient faith / Christ can increase yours / Despite doubts and questions / Two ways people lose it / Must be put to work / Can yours withstand persecution? / Jesus’ resurrection is the key to / Taking the final step in / Anything is possible with / As a constant process / Aided by prayer / How much is necessary / Having childlike faith / Wealth not always a by-product of / Faith without substance / Results in changed behavior / Life’s central issue / Never too late to believe in Jesus / An attitude of expectation / Not admitting yours / What happens to unproductive believers / Stages of / Based on facts / Holy Spirit marks beginning of / Sharing it no matter what the cost / God will help when yours is under fire / Why does God save us by faith alone? / Does it cancel Judaism? / How much do you need? / What is weak faith? / Talking about it vs. living / Does not free us from obedience / Combines assurance & anticipation / The beginning & end of / God will help us remain true to / Never forget basics of faith / The world will always challenge yours / Faith will die away / Faith that works


Be encouraged by others’ / Hezekiah’s faithfulness made a difference / In marriage need not be boring /Remember God’s


Children follow parents’ example / Sharing spiritual experiences in / Parents’ immorality can destroy a family / Don’t take its spiritual well-being for granted / Nation’s strength & family’s strength related /  Helping yours to follow God / One of God’s greatest resources / Importance of honoring yours / How faithful parents can impact world /  How to be a member of God’s family /  Building relationships at home / Families responsible to care for their members / Paul’s strong words for those who neglect their families / Share the Good News with yours / Man’s responsibility to


Benefits of fasting / Fasting often done in times of calamity / Fasting for the right reasons / Jesus‘ words about fasting / Fasting, why John’s disciples did and Jesus‘ didn‘t


Fatigue often comes after spiritual victory / Focus on God’s purposes during fatigue


Danger of favoritism / Favoritism reveals a double standard / Playing favorites, favoritism, is contemptible in God’s sight / Show no favoritism among people / Why it is wrong to show favoritism


Two reasons not to fear / What it means to fear the Lord / Fear should not keep us from God / Running from vs. praying about / Fear is normal but shouldn’t paralyze us / Can keep us from opportunities / Fear is sometimes caused by over-anticipation / Don’t respond to crisis with fear / Why God said “Don’t be afraid” / Relationship between fear & love / Fear keeps us from utilizing God’s power / God can cause your enemies to fear you / Fear comes when we leave out God / Fear doesn’t excuse us from God’s work / Evaporates when we trust God /  Becoming preoccupied with fear / Fear can immobilize you / How to resist fear / Fear of people vs. fear of God / Letting Jesus deal with your fears / Why you need not fear death / Fear keeps us from speaking for Christ / Fear of life’s circumstances / How faith overcomes fear / Faith makes trouble less frightening / Fear neutralizes effectiveness for God


Expressing feelings to God / Behaving right despite feelings / Feelings can hinder obedience / Right actions lead to right feelings / Don’t confuse feelings with Holy Spirit’s leading


Do you focus more on negative than positive? / Keep it on God, not yourself / How we lose ours


What marks you as a follower of God? / How we fall short of following God / If you believe in God you must follow his ways / Deciding daily to follow God / What it takes to follow Jesus / Do you follow Jesus for right reasons?  / Submission needed to follow Jesus / You can choose to follow / Requirements for following Jesus / Follow-through: Follow-through vital in God’s work / Follow-up: Follow-up is a sign of good leadership


Who is a “fool”? / Recognizing foolish plans / When we look foolish we want to lash out / How could Samson have been so foolish? / Be willing to look foolish for your faith / Wisdom & foolishness contrasted / Foolishness of rejecting Christ’s message


Definition of forget, forgetting, forgotten / Satan makes us forget what God gives us / When we feel forgotten / God never forgets our troubles / Forgetting what you have leads to complaining / Don’t forget the causes of our sins / Don’t forget God is on our side / Don’t let God’s blessings cause you to forget him / What makes us forget God? / Never forget what God has taught you / How quickly we forget God’s mercy / God’s forgiveness means he forgets sin


Understanding God’s forgiveness should make us more willing to forgive / Rich and poor both need it / Brings freedom and dignity / Only antidote for revenge / Doesn’t eliminate sin’s consequences / Confession & repentance essential to /  Demonstrates strength not weakness /  Conditions for / No sin too great for God to forgive / Means forgetting the wrong committed against you / First step in restoring relationship / God won’t forgive those who don’t forgive others / How often should we grant it / Don’t withhold it from others /  Admitting the need for / Use it first before judging others / Must lead to change of heart / How it is tied to obedience / Found only through faith in Christ /  Love should be the response to Jesus’ forgiveness / The key to our relationship with God / Why sin against Holy Spirit is unforgivable /  Changes bitterness to joy / Only way to God’s power / How to experience the joy of / Why we should forgive our enemies / Involves both attitudes & action / Can’t occur without God’s mercy / What true forgiveness involves / Involves God forgetting that we ever sinned


Definition of forsake / To forsake evil is real understanding / God doesn’t forsake those who trust him / An urgent appeal to not forsake him / Godly people and their children are not forsaken / Confess and forsake sin / Jesus asked why God had forsaken him


Freedom found in obeying God / Freedom often results from being trustworthy / Finding freedom from sin / Salvation is freedom from sin & death / Why sin doesn’t offer freedom / Jesus’ truth sets us free / Freedom given to us by Jesus’ death / Finding the freedom to obey / Don’t let your freedom cause weaker Christians to stumble / What Christian freedom is all about / Abusing Christian freedom


Friendships can be torn apart by jealousy / Friendships with the wicked / Who your friends are says much about you / Loyalty a true test of friendship / Become a friend to others / Believers become friends of God / Broken friendships can harm our relationship with God / Befriending those who hurt you / Dealing with a possible conflict between friends


Bearing no fruit in our lives / Bearing fruit for God’s Kingdom / The kind of fruit we should be bearing / Fruit of the Holy Spirit / Producing the kind of fruit that outlasts death


How to be productive for God / Vine is a symbol of fruitfulness. What happens to unfruitful believers?


Remain faithful when frustrated by evil / Comes from trying to fulfill rash vows / That comes from suffering / Don’t discipline out of


Definition of fullness / The fullness of gifts / Fullness of life / Grow into the fullness / Christ is the fullness of God


Your present situation is training for future service to God / The future is shaped by how you lived your past / Don’t let a bleak future make you give up on God / Why we can trust the future to God / Don’t look to occult for guidance about future / Occult gives distorted view of the future / Why God chooses not to reveal some of the future / Our children will shape the future / How prophecy relates to the future / The future should cause us to change our present behavior / God will keep his promises about the future / The future depends upon how we live now / What we need to know about the future / How to prepare for Jesus’ return / How not to fear the future / What we know about the future helps us live now / Don’t forfeit your future with God


Giving should come from a generous heart / God’s laws reflect his generous character / Show some to the needy / Seen in nature /  Balance between generosity and stewardship


Gentleness, Gentle – kind, mild-mannered / Holy Spirit5 produces kindness and gentleness when He’s in control / Being gentle / Gentleness as love in action / Wisdom that comes from heaven is gentle / The unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit


Look for those gifts God has given you / Don’t use God’s gifts for selfish purposes / Giving gifts vs. expecting gifts / Responsibility to use our gifts well / Salvation a gift from God / God uses whatever gifts you have / Two gifts God gives to new believers / God gives us good gifts that he wants us to enjoy / Unique gifts to contribute to strength and health / Are you using the gifts in ways pleasing to you and to God? / Use well your abilities and gifts / Use abilities and gifts regularly in serving


What our attitude should be / Commitment to God and generous giving are closely related / Cheerful vs. reluctant giving / Give in proportion to what you have been given / Our giving shows our real priorities / A true sacrifice is giving something of value / Giving to God first / Why we should give generously / Giving only to get something in return / What you may have to give up to follow Jesus / Jesus uses whatever we give him / Giving a little is better than nothing / Being obedient in all areas of giving / The spirit of giving / Giving sacrificially / A natural response of love / Principles of giving


Never an option when you believe in God


In marriage, the same for man & woman / Achieving worthy goals in wrong way / Some are worth working and waiting for / God may not lead you on shortest path to / Don’t stop trusting God as you near your goals / Make sure they are worthy of your devotion / Aligning yours with God’s / Obedience to God our greatest goal / Jesus’ contrasted with Satan’s / God’s ultimate goal for us / Believers have individual differences but a common goal / Don’t leave God out of your goals


God wants you to help carry out his will for you / Asking for God’s guidance / Can’t change God’s  will / God works his will through people / Seek it first /  Our true purpose / Praying for / Seeking it for your children / Prayers must be in line with / Comes from God’s Spirit in us / What to do when seeking it / Must accept all that comes with it / God lets us choose against his / May be for you to stay where you are


God brings good out of bad circumstances / Not enough to be good some of the time / Doing good in the wrong way / Looking for the good in others / You can be good but miss what’s important / Something done well is not always good / Determining the quality of your goodness / Learning to ask for what is good for us / Goodness alone won’t bring eternal life / Some may call your good deeds evil / Doing good for wrong reasons / How to live a truly good life / How God works in all things for good / You may not see fruits of your good efforts / Being good vs. being godly / Learning to see good in midst of evil


What Good News is / Doom for those who reject Good News / The urgency to spread Good News / Responsibility to share Good News / Why Good News baffles many people / Prophecies predicting Good News


Harmful effects of gossip / Dealing with gossip


No limit to God’s grace / God’s grace is for everyone / Grace of God in granting salvation / Why we must depend on God’s grace / Explanation of grace



Greed can lead us into sinful surroundings / Lust leads to greed / Greed often disguised as ambition / Greed blinds us to God’s guidance / Greed can cause you to lose everything / Greed, following God only for what you can get / Greed caused Judas to betray Jesus / Greed comes from pride / Greed, using religion for person enhancement


Finding the freedom to grieve /Rash vows bring / Don’t be ashamed to grieve / Moving from grief to action / Can’t take away life’s real purpose


Difficulties an opportunity for


God’s guidance can come in unexpected ways / God supplies help wherever he leads / A clear message from God doesn’t mean instant results / Stubbornness excludes you from God’s guidance / God doesn’t always do what seems best to us / Definition of  / God guides you more than you think / Comes from acting on previous directions /  How do we receive God’s? / Find it in the Bible /  Why God’s is important / When God’s isn’t clear / God increases the available options / God comes only to prepared hearts /  Recognizing God’s leading in your life / Follow God’s leading even if it seems a demotion


Involving others in our guilt / Guilt warns us of wrongdoing / Admitting guilt is only part of true repentance / Be careful about accusing others of guilt / Guilt comes from trying to fulfill rash vows / Don’t let guilt keep you from praying / Guilt shouldn’t cripple believers / Absence of guilty conscience doesn’t mean you’re doing right / Why all are guilty before God / How to be declared “not guilty” before God / How to forget past guilt

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