Topics H-N


Drive sinful habits from your life / Why we criticize bad habits in others / Becoming entrenched in religious traditions / Why we must deal with bad habits / Use this to get high, for depression, monotony, or tension / Bad habits can be a slave that controls


Joy versus happiness / Money cannot buy happiness / Lasting happiness / True happiness / Do you rejoice at others’ misfortunes?


What a hardened heart, means / Did God intentionally harden Pharaoh’s heart? / Hardened hearts results from stubborn unbelief /  A hardened heart keeps us from seeing our need for God / God’s Word can’t take root in a hardened heart / How to react to sarcasm, a person with a hardened heart / God’s punishment for a  hardened heart / How a hardened heart happens


Obeying God’s laws can keep us from harm / Harmful actions often rooted in jealousy



Hatred blinds us to our sins / Hatred builds to an obsession / Why David said he “hated” his enemies / Is there ever a time for hatred? / Hating our enemies keeps us from sharing God’s love with them / Why many Jews despised Nazareth / Why many Jews hated Samaritans / Following Jesus may cause some to hate you / Even apostles not free from hatred / Hatred akin to murder / Things God hates


Time heals many wounds / Jesus heals physical & spiritual sickness / Why Jesus told people to be quiet about healing / Healing comes from faith / Jesus heals broken lives / Healing on the Sabbath / Seeking it for wrong reasons / Why Jesus told one man to talk about healing / Healing for the Repentant


Must we follow Old Testament health & diet instructions? / Importance of spiritual health


Benefits of a heart right with God / Sin returns to an unchanged heart / The God of the universe wants to live in yours / Don’t follow God with just part of /  The need for a pure heart & spirit / God may have to break yours / Spiritual heart transplants / Jesus requires a willing heart /  Outward obedience without a change of heart / Our words reveal what’s in our heart / God knows our true intentions /  What it means to obey wholeheartedly / Christ rules in our hearts and minds / If our hearts condemn us / Jesus knocking on door of your heart


To help others we must get involved / Nothing too hard for God’s help / Are you willing to let God help you? / God’s laws designed to help, not restrain us / Not all who offer spiritual help are sincere / Help those who help you / God’s help often comes gradually / God helps us when we least expect it / Don’t be afraid to ask others for help / Why do you want God’s help? / Don’t cry for God’s help without being willing to repent / Why Jesus is qualified to help us / Jesus can help when no one else can / Do our convictions keep you from helping people? / Helping others is a priority / Help always comes to those with faith / Helping contrasted with hurting others / Help from Jesus’ extraordinary resources / Help a good way to demonstrate love / Sharing is a form of helping others / Giving help to new believers / Helping others vs. judging them / We should help others


You can’t hide from God / Don’t hide behind your inadequacies / Fear of failure causes us to hide / Nothing can be hidden from God / Hiding our light for God


Gives strength for extraordinary tasks / Helps us speak for Christ / Nothing can take God’s Spirit from you / Blasphemy against / Only he can give you change of heart / He may test us / His presence in us ushers in God’s Kingdom / Makes our reform last / Why sin against him unforgivable / Helps us understand the Bible / Who he is / Helps us worship / Urges us toward salvation / Truths taught by John’s Gospel about / Brings deep and lasting peace / Why his coming was so important / Three important tasks of / Why God sent him / His role & work in believers’ lives / Available to everyone / Doesn’t make us immune to temptation / Prerequisite to Christian service / Guide us away from wrong places / Increases opportunities for witnessing / Gives us power to live Christian life / Helps us pray / Helps us know God’s thoughts / The glory he imparts to each believer / Has placed eternity in us now / Makes us new creations / Sometimes he settles us down rather than stirs us up / Sins always trying to push him out / The fruit he produces in us / Our guarantee that God will keep his promises / Brings unity to believers / How we cause him sorrow / How much of you is under his leading? / Carries out God’s work in us / Transforming power of / Helps us discern false teaching


Don’t neglect responsibilities in your own home / Developing family relationships in – Faith proves itself in the home


Importance of  / Proper motives for / Keeping your end of the bargain / Be honest in your prayers / Being honest with God / Evaluating yours / In business dealings / In our estimate of ourselves


Comes from seeing God’s perspective /  In the midst of crisis / Hope in Jesus always rewarded / Misguided hopes about Jesus / Why it is a key to the Christian life / How it helps us live now / Antidote for boredom / Because God is in control of history


Your situation never hopeless / Nothing is hopeless if you have faith / Don’t give up when you feel it /  Common responses to


Importance of hospitality in Abraham’s day / Accept hospitality graciously / Don’t let hospitality become self-serving / Don’t let hospitality degenerate into busywork / What Christian hospitality is / Open your home for fellowship, hospitality / Hospitality not to be given to false teachers


Obedience begins with humility / What humility means / Can you remain humble when being praised? / Importance of humbling yourself before God / Humility stops quarrels / Humility gives you a more accurate perspective of yourself / Humility – being childlike vs. childish / Humility as accepting & using God’s gifts / Teachings about seeking humility / How can we humble ourselves? / End result of humility / Why humility is harder to find among wealthy / Humility demonstrated by John the Baptist / Humility needed when criticizing others’ sin / Humility – how to honestly evaluate yourself /  Humility – recognizing God’s work in you / What humility does & doesn’t mean / Humility of Jesus / True vs. false humility / Humility – cure for evil desires


Our sins always hurt others / God’s personal care for hurting people / God’s power can be found in hurt


Hypocrisy in determining who we think should come to God / Hypocrisy is claiming to love God while hating others / How Jesus used the word hypocrites / Hypocritical actions of religious leaders / How we become hypocrites / Hypocrisy is failing to put faith into action / Hypocrisy of Judas Iscariot


How we are made in God’s image / Equality of men and women in God’s image / Don’t conform God to your image of him / Bearing God’s image


growing impatient with God / impatience makes us act against God’s will


Praise those who are important to you / What is important in God’s eyes / Is what is important to God important to you?


God can do the impossible / Obey God even when the task seems impossible / Faith is believing in the impossible / Prayer brings the impossible to God / God does impossibilities through us / God won’t ask you to do the impossible


God is with us despite ours /  Don’t hide behind your inadequacies / Jesus turns what seems inadequate into more than enough


Guarding our integrity / Importance of integrity / Real success doesn’t compromise integrity / Our integrity is tested in money matters


Good intentions nullified by lack of action / Don’t let good intentions wear out / Good intentions can come too late / Don’t assume worst about others’ intentions / Good intentions not enough to follow God correctly / Suspicion makes us misread people’s intentions / How we miss true intent of God’s law / Wrong intentions are sinful / When faith falters after good intentions / God knows the intentions of our heart


Don’t let intimidation keep you from serving God / Deal with pressure and intimidation / Don’t be intimidated by church leaders / Intimidation neutralizes effectiveness for God


The best kind of investment / Investment of time and abilities for God / Investment in the lives of new believers


Can tear believers apart  / Can lead to other sins  / Don’t let it get a foothold / Befriend those who are jealous of you / Don’t underestimate its danger


God will help you with new challenges of / Getting started overcomes fear of / Discover your part in life’s bigger jobs / Helping people see the importance of theirs / God’s plan often operative in a job change  / Vital if you are where God wants you / Should you seek rewards in / Serving others in / The kind God calls us to do


What true joy is / Forgiveness changes bitterness to / Finding it despite suffering / The key to / Attaining the ultimate joy / Inward joy vs. happiness / The Sandpiper To Bring You Joy


Definition of judging / Don’t be quick to judge others / God’s standards vs. society’s / How God judges others / Avoid double standards when judging / We’re experts at telling others what to do / Why judging should be left to God / We cannot know who will be in God’s Kingdom / Can’t judge others’ salvation / Use compassion & forgiveness first before judging / Difference between judging others & dealing with their sin


God’s justice vs. mercy / Dealing justly with others / Making the punishment fit the crime / Justice should be firm and swift / Be glad God is justice & doesn’t give you what you deserve / Justice will prevail / Why is justice so important to God? / Jesus’ new approach to injustice / Why God is angry with sinful people


Kindness is our inner beauty / Gifts of kindness / God’s kindness


Knowing what is right vs. doing right  / Different than wisdom / Knowing God vs. knowing about God / Must be applied / No believers have secret spiritual knowledge


What laws are & explanation / How Old Testament misquoted & misapplied law of God / Putting law of God into practice / Compassion must go beyond laws / Laws against healing on Sabbath / Don’t let laws become more important than people / Laws are designed to keep us from harm / Purpose of all God’s laws / Case studies used in law of God / Why law of God was unique from other sets of laws / How law of God could help people avoid sickness / Must we follow Old Testament law of God health & diet restrictions? / Law of God reflects God’s generosity / Law of God focus not negative / Does law of God still apply today? / Why law of God is to remain unchanged / Knowing law of God gives us fewer excuses for breaking it / Breaking law of God to meet someone’s need / Solomon didn’t take law of God seriously / Finding freedom within God’s boundaries / What Jesus meant by “But I say” / How religious leaders added to law of God / Which ones of the law of God are more important / Summed up in God’s law of love / Religious leaders kept the law of God for wrong reasons / Jesus fulfilled the law of God / Two ways to think about the law of God / What the law of God is for / Why we should still obey the law of God / Why faith is superior to the law of God / Being slaves to the law of God / How we obey God’s law


Waste, a sign of being lazy / Don’t become lazy waiting for Christ’s return / The difference between leisure & being lazy / Church shouldn’t support being lazy / Diligence & being lazy contrasted


Definition of learning / Learning is an important aspect of spiritual growth / Learning from criticism / What true learning involves / Being willing to learn / Learning the hard way / Commit yourself to learning / Lessons for learning daily life / What Proverbs says about learning / Scriptures about learning


Has value because we’re made in God’s image / How to find “real” life / God the source of life / Using it more wisely / God’s ability to restore it / How we waste ours / The best way to enjoy life / Why yours must be filled with God / Which life is most important to you? / What it means to live abundantly / How to begin a new life in Christ / Parallels between physical & spiritual life / Jesus as the way, truth & life / What you put into it more important than what you get out of it / New life in Christ / Why Christ holds the true meaning to life / Life is short no matter how long you live


God’s patience in asking us to change ours  / Your future shaped by how you lived your past  / Has your faith changed the way you live? / Ungodly lifestyle more dangerous than enemy armies / Danger of doing whatever seems right at the time / Don’t put off your desire to change for the better / You can be good but miss what’s important / Controlled by our desires / Adjusting to culture without compromising values / From religious ritual to a changed life / God’s way of living contradicts the world’s / Jesus challenges ours / How to live until Christ returns / What do other people think about God from watching your life? / Becoming vs. overcoming / Disciplines needed for Christian life / How Jesus’ resurrection should affect your life / Can’t live by just parts of the Bible / How differently unbelievers view life / God must be involved in every aspect of your life / Lifestyles of false believers give them away / How we grow through life’s stages / Strategy for effective living / Right & wrong actions & attitudes


Definitions of light / A light is needed to show us the way / Full of light and joy / Walk in God’s light now / Being a light for God & how we hide our light / What extinguishes our light for Christ / Light of Jesus’ truth / Source of God’s light / Jesus is a light to mankind / Light that leads to life / Light and power that shine within us / People filled with light / Encouragement from the light to those in darkness / Called out of darkness into God’s wonderful light / God’s light exposes darkness of sin / The light of the Lamb


Satan limited by God / Limitations not an excuse to stop serving God / Putting out fleeces limits God’s answers for us / God works through those who recognize their limitations / God not bound by human limitations / Believers’ limitations only temporary


Important aspect of spiritual growth /  May prevent you from acting wrongly / Are you listening for God? / Listening to opinions of others / God is listening to you / With the mind and heart / Must be followed by obedience / How to listen to Christ / Important part of communication


Don’t give up on God when you are feeling loneliness / Loneliness makes us feel sorry for ourselves / Cure it by becoming someone’s friend / Feeling alone in your stand for Christ / Why you aren’t alone in the world / Marriage alone won’t eliminate loneliness / Show hospitality to those who are feeling loneliness


As a pattern for our prayers


Definition / Lost heart and were paralyzed / Those who lost hope / Jesus seeks out the lost / For those who have wandered away and lost / The lost can be found / No one is considered lost and beyond hope


What real love is / Love is God’s reason for creating the world / God’s patience with us should cause us to love him / Relationship between fear & love / Key to following God’s laws / God loves us despite what he knows about us & God’s love can change life’s outcome / God’s restrictions are motivated by love / Blessings, rewards of, God’s love for obedience /Difference between love & lust / Could you love God if you lost everything? / Suffering can’t separate us from God’s love / Loving those who wrong us / What it means to love your enemies / Talking about it vs. demonstrating it / Nothing can take God’s love from us / Measured by how we treat others / The focus of all God’s laws / Difficult to love if you think only of yourself / Genuine vs. superficial / Loving your neighbor / God’s love basis for self-worth / Consistency of God’s love / God’s love bigger than any problem / God sets the pattern for / Why loving others is so important / How do we love others as Christ loves us? / Love tied to obedience / Don’t let small problems hinder yours / Is contagious / Why it is a key to the Christian life / Real love takes effort / Demonstrated when we forgive our enemies / The law of love / More important than spiritual gifts / What happens when we aren’t motivated by love? / God’s love is total / Husband commanded to love his wife / How should a husband love his wife? / In family relationships / Why Christians have no excuse for not loving others / Real love produces tangible actions / Can you love someone but still dislike them? / It is not what makes you feel good / What motivates God’s love for us? / Spreads like fire / Loving people but not their sins


Are you consistent in your loyalty to God? / Cannot be obtained by force / Remember to whom yours is / Importance of / A true test of friendship/ What is your first loyalty? / How much does Jesus demand? / Must declare yours to Jesus / Keep yours to God despite doubts / Don’t let other loyalties go too far / Do you have a reputation of being loyal to God?


Lying only compounds problems / Fear causes lying / Why did God bless midwives for lying to Pharaoh? / Lying is a conscious attempt to deceive / Was Rahab’s lie justified? / When you start believing your own lies / Should David have lied to protect himself? / Lying to make yourself look good / Why lying is dangerous to unity


How we try to manipulate God /  Often clothes in humility


What the Bible says about marriage /Achieving oneness in / Different roles, same goals / Three aspects of / Eliminating barriers in / Commitment is essential to a successful marriage / Romance is important / What a dowry was / Why God forbade it between close relatives / Newlyweds need a strong start in / Religious differences in / Between a believer & unbeliever / Faithfulness in marriage need not be boring / Importance of strong ones / Marriage holds times of great joy/Encouragement & appreciation in / Refreshing each other in / Is your spouse also your friend? / Don’t stereotype certain roles in / Marriage creates the best environment for raising children / Steps taken before a Jewish marriage / Wrong attitudes toward / Don’t look to leave yours / Jesus speaks about its purpose / Intended to be permanent / God doesn’t want everyone to marry /  Don’t avoid it for the wrong reasons / Illustrates our relationship to God’s law / Sexual relationships in  / Should sexual pressure cause one to marry? / Don’t assume you married the wrong person / Problems marriage won’t solve / Submission in / Spiritual leadership in / How should a man love his wife? / How should a woman love her husband?


Can entice and enslave us / Antidotes for / Satan tempts us with / Keeping it from controlling you / Can’t take possessions to eternity


Without God, life is meaningless / Find meaning in God alone / Search for life’s meaning


Meditate on the blessings and curses / Meditate on it day and night / Meditate in God’s Temple / Meditate on God’s unfailing love / Meditate on God’s principles


God always reaches out to us in mercy / God’s justice vs. mercy / God gives us mercy in ways we don’t know about / In God’s mercy He doesn’t give us what we deserve / Depending on God’s mercy / Ask God to temper his discipline with mercy / How quickly we forget God’s mercy / How we receive mercy / How we can show mercy each day / Mercy comes from denouncing pride / God’s mercy is what forgives us


What we put into our mind determines what comes out / How to renew your mind / How to have the mind of Christ


Don’t neglect your family for /  Working for God different than serving him / Lay people essential to / Avoid jealousy over others’ ministry / Should be a team effort / Paul gives important principles for / Preparation is important to


How could Egyptian magicians duplicate Moses’ miracles? / Miracles can be deceiving / Some miracles are quiet / Miracles may happen more than you realize / God provides miracles as needed / Why did Gideon ask God for more miracles? / Miracles come from simple acts of obedience / Miracles not supposed to solve all our problems / What Jesus’ miracles foreshadowed / Miracles alone don’t convince others to follow Christ / Why Jesus didn’t want news of miracles to spread / What Jesus’ miracles demonstrated / How we shut out God’s miracles / How healing miracles affected early church / Purpose of Jesus’ miracles vs. Satan’s / Seven Sabbath miracles / The miracles of Jesus


Importance of admitting them / God works despite ours / How to avoid foolish ones / Charting spiritual progress helps you avoid them / Covering them up compounds problems / Don’t repeat mistakes others made / Better to admit than cover up  / Remembering our past keeps us from repeating some / Don’t be afraid of making them / Refusing Christ is one’s greatest mistake


Choosing God over  / Returning a portion to God and others / Trying to obtain it wrongly / Don’t let it affect your decisions / Obedience to God more important than / God’s advice about money / Cannot provide safety / Tempts us to sacrifice integrity / Saving some for the future / How it deceives us / Using it for God / Keys to using it wisely / Gaining a proper perspective on / How it makes one less dependent on God / Don’t give expecting something in return / Has it become your first priority? / Cannot bring true happiness / Necessity of money vs. love of


What do you allow to influence yours / Foundation of one’s authority / What you cherish shows your values / God the source of / God’s are opposed to society’s / Adjusting to culture without compromising them / Heavenly vs. earthly ones / Valuing things above human life / Jesus turns the world’s values around / Judging others by wrong ones / How well do you reflect Kingdom values? / Society’s values can make believers feel like misfits / We do wrong when we know what’s right / What to do when the Bible is silent on a moral issue / Why we should live by God’s standards / Being good vs, being godly / What you value shows how eternal your perspective is


Motives in giving / Motives exposed by how we react to problems / Evaluate your motives before criticizing others / Importance of ridding wrong motives from your life / Don’t assume others’ motives are wrong / Sin comes from wrong motives / Elisha’s pure motives caused God to grant his request / Jehu mixed political and spiritual motives / Identify your motives when making a decision / Motives of hypocrites / Motives doing right for the wrong reasons and how to check your motives / Fasting for the right reasons / Evaluating those motives of false teachers / Jesus exposed religious leaders’ real motives / What motivates your faith? / Judas tried to hide his motives / Why Paul’s motives were sincere


Finding the freedom to grieve, be in mourning / Mourning helps us deal with sorrow


Hinders communication


God’s laws designed to meet people’s needs / A key to understanding envy / Idols tempt us into false needs / Let others know they’re needed / Our responsibility to support needs of God’s ministers / Take the initiative to supply yours / Should you break the law to meet someone’s need? / Concern for human need / Our need for God / Placing rules above human need / Spiritual matters blind us to needs / Service keeps us aware of others’ needs / Trust Christ for yours / Get personally involved in meeting needs of others / Jesus is concerned about yours / Meeting others’ needs demonstrates love / Valuing personal gain more than people’s needs / God may not meet them all in this life


Focus of God’s law not negative / Don’t focus on negatives / The force of a negative opinion / Negative attitude a waste of energy / Snowball effect of a negative attitude / Considering negatives useful in decision making / Avoiding negative criticism


Don’t neglect your family for ministry / Neglecting Christ same as rebelling  / Neglecting others can be a sin  / Can’t love God while neglecting others


Definition of  / Always open to new ideas / Will find new strength / A new commandment: Love / Christians become new persons / Facing new situations or surroundings / How Jesus can make you a “new” person


Facing new situations or surroundings / How Jesus can make you a “new” person / What it means to be a “new” person / How it occurs / A gift from God / Comes only through Christ / Doesn’t take away sinful desires at once / Privileges that come from


Helping their marriage get a strong start


Hatred blinds us to our sins / Hatred builds to an obsession / Why David said he “hated” his enemies / Is there ever a time for hatred? / Hating our enemies keeps us from sharing God’s love with them / Why many Jews despised Nazareth / Why many Jews hated Samaritans / Following Jesus may cause some to hate you / Even apostles not free from hatred / Hatred akin to murder / Things God hates

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