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God doesn’t force us to obey him / The way to true freedom / We should obey because God tells us to / Failing to obey is sin / Why we should obey God / Hesitating to obey / May mean having to give up something / Obey God even when task seems impossible / Obedience to God can’t be compromised / Opens door to God’s care / How it is learned / Leads to God’s glory / Don’t be careless about / Helps us accomplish more / Must be timely / Do you think it is too difficult?/ Relationship to success / Take that first step of / Sometimes brings opposition / One aspect of life we can control / Obeying God out of love / Don’t delay yours / God uses delays to test ours / Selective obedience is really disobedience /  When you must decide between obeying God or people /  Developing consistency in /  Can lead to miracles / Begins with humility /   Saying you’ll obey vs. really obeying / Obeying God even when you don’t understand why / Leads to peace / Slow obedience not good enough / Heartfelt vs. grudging obedience / God often demands extraordinary obedience / Obey God from the start / Obeying God vs. seeking others’ approval /  Be active in obeying Scripture combats temptation / Outward obedience without a change of heart / Must come in all areas of life /  Where we find the strength to obey /  The key to putting God’s truth into practice / Obeying God even at great cost /  Our duty /  Comes from true love for God /   Can’t be a servant without /  Find the freedom to obey What it means to obey with all your heart by / Difference between obeying and honoring/ May cause you to seem different / The key to living as Jesus did



The force of a negative opinion / Listening to opinions of others / Opinions not as authoritative as Scripture / Difference of opinion need not affect spiritual unity / You cannot shape Bible doctrine to match your opinions


Speak up for God when opportunities come / Stay ready for opportunities / Opportunities may come when you least expect them / Don’t let fear keep you from opportunities / Look for opportunities to use your gifts / How to evaluate opportunities / Increased opportunity brings increased responsibility / Not every opportunity is sent from God / Look for opportunities to volunteer / You may get only one opportunity to follow Jesus / God gives us opportunities to turn to him / Use those opportunities God has given you / See your troubles as opportunities / Opportunities to tell others about Jesus / Turning problems into opportunities


Definition of oppressed and oppression / The oppressed will be rewarded and oppressors punished / Our responsibility to care for oppressed / Why God allowed Israel to be oppressed / God doesn’t oppress us / Injustice of the oppressed / Righteousness and oppression / Jesus was oppressed / Hardened hearts of the oppressors / Healing of the oppressed / Sharing with the oppressed


Organization contributes to worship / Reason for Moses’ census / Why Israel was organized by tribes / Organizing of Solomon


Does it take pain to turn you back to God? / Danger of protecting yourself from pain / God’s blessings may first lead to pain / Pain will one day end


Comes from over anticipation / Pray in midst of


Children follow parent(s) example / Parent(s) advice often helpful / What does it mean to “honor” parent(s)? / How parent(s) sins affect their children / Teaching Scripture to parent(s) children / Instructing parent(s) children in faith / Parent-child relationships in the home / Is it ever right to disobey parent(s)? / David’s halfhearted approach to being a parent / Parent(s) must never turn their children from God / Parent(s) must encourage their children to seek wisdom / Disciplining parent(s) children / How religious leaders neglected parent(s) / Teaching parent(s) children to trust / Seeking God’ will for parent(s) children


Don’t long for sinful pleasures of the past / Past affects your future / Can’t please God only with past accomplishments / Don’t forget God’s past care for you / Learning lessons from the past


God’s patience toward us / In waiting for God’s timing / Key to achieving many goals / Difficult to persist in / Problems can exercise ours / Don’t mistake God’s patience as approval for your sin / God uses delays to test ours / In waiting for God’s rewards / When God’s patience gives way to anger / In waiting for evil to be eliminated / God is waiting for us to turn to him / That God will keep his promises / A key to enduring suffering


A key to enduring suffering / What would you give up for it? / Obedience leads to / Not necessarily a time to rest /  Comes from the assurance of answered prayer / Takes hard work / Everyone wins when it is sought / Make peace with others quickly / The kind the Holy spirit brings / Peace vs. the peace of God /  Can affect our decisions / Must be active not passive


Peer pressure pushes us to conform to wrong values / Speaking up against the majority / Peer pressure to abandon God / Obeying God vs. seeking others’ approval, peer pressure / When peer pressure is too embarrassing to do right / How peer pressure affects your decisions / Don’t let peer pressure control you


Don’t wait for perfect conditions before you act / How can we be perfect? / Jesus the example of perfection / Can the church become perfect  / Can’t find it through the law  / What Paul often meant by the word / Difference between becoming perfect and becoming holy / Three stages of perfection


Definition / Perseverance a weapon against opposition / Perseverance in our faith / Perseverance reveals our faith / Perseverance, why we don’t give up / Perseverance also called patience and steadfastness


God’s persistence in loving us / Builds character / Despite troubles / Can turn to stubbornness / In pursuing God / An evidence of salvation / In prayer / A weapon against opposition / In our faith / Reveals our faith / Why we don’t give up


God looks at our problems differently than we do / Understanding God’s perspective brings hope / Losing your perspective by focusing on problems / Prayer changes your perspective / Keeping the right perspective in a fallen world / God’s perspective vs. a human perspective / Gaining an eternal perspective / Contentment comes from seeing God’s point of view, perspective / God helps us regain the right perspective


The importance of planning / Consider the long-range consequences of planning / Planning can aid in worship / Difference between planning and worrying


We can’t always see God’s overall plans / No one can thwart God’s plans / God doesn’t need much from us to accomplish his plan for our lives / Agreeing to God’s plan for us / Some plans must be indefinitely put on hold / Once plans are set in motion, some can’t be reversed / God reveals his plans through history / Don’t go against God’s natural plan / Why God’s plan is hidden to unbelievers / Jesus’ death brought God’s plan into focus / Why God’s plan was hidden to previous generations / Don’t leave God out of your plans


Pleasing God earns others’ respect / Copying others just to please them / Please the Spirit /Don’t be a people pleaser / Acceptable to God and please Him / Impossible to please God without faith


Gaining the proper perspective of pleasure / God is pleased with how he made you / Being a pleasure to God / Trading lasting benefits for pleasure / When pleasure can destroy us / What Jesus said about pleasure / Pleasure not wrong when it is God-given / Pleasure can cause us to neglect Christ


Eli’s sons took advantage of their position / Faith is more important to God than position / Using your position to take advantage of others / Favored position sought by James and John / Using your position to cheat others


Risk popularity to say and do what is right / How do you react to popularity? / Becoming preoccupied with popularity / When following Jesus brings popularity / Christian life not popularity contest / Jesus’ popularity increasing / False teachers sought popularity over truth / When it’s not popular to believe / Avoiding jealousy over others’ popularity / Popularity brings only temporary commitment


Possessions can entice and enslave us / How you can envy possessions / You don’t own the possessions that you have / Possessions more important to Israel than God / Don’t abuse your possessions / Why possessions don’t satisfy / Do your possessions possess you? / Valuing your possessions more than people’s needs / Being selfish with possessions / Are you willing to share your possessions with others? / How to be satisfied with the possessions you have / Why we often want more possessions / Why do we attribute such importance to possessions? / Possessions can cause indifference to your faith


God often works his power through ordinary people / Satan’s power can’t match God’s power / Appreciate God’s power / God’s power in parting the Jordan River / Hunger for power corrupts judgment / How quickly Israel’s power faded / God works his power through those who recognize they need it / Power doesn’t put you above the law / God’s power not limited to our resources / Don’t let power corrupt you / Limited power of the evil / Where real power comes from / Tapping into God’s power / God gives temporary power to some for a specific purpose / Irony of lusting after power / Jesus gave up much power to experience humanity / Religious leaders’ hunger for power / Pharisees said Jesus’ power came from Satan / Transforming power of the Holy Spirit / Forms in which Spirit’s power comes / Can’t buy special power from God / Why do we attribute such importance to power?


What praise is / Begin any task with praise / Praise should be a continuous part of life / Give praise to God not yourself / Moving from prayer to praise / Commit yourself to praise God daily / What we can praise God for / How we should praise God / Praise develops from a grateful attitude / Seeking God’s praise rather than people’s / Putting praise into your prayers / Praising God despite circumstances / Upright behavior causes others to praise God / Sacrifice of praise


Using prayer to overcome temptation / Does prayer change God’s mind? / Ask God in prayer for anything but expect anything / Don’t be afraid to ask / Why God may withhold an answer / Turn your worries into prayer /Balancing prayer with action / Pray instead of complaining / Prayer changes attitudes and events/ Make sure you really want what you ask for in prayer / Prayer helps us remember God’s goodness/ Prayer of Joshua / Why God may not be answering yours / Don’t let guilt feelings keep you from praying / Pray when discouraged / Be careful what you promise God in prayer / Is failing to pray for others a sin? / How David responded to God’s “no” answer to his prayer / Lessons from Solomon’s dedication prayer / What to request of God in prayer / Don’t always expect immediate answers to prayer / Hezekiah’s saved a nation / How Hezekiah approached God in prayer / Jabez remembered for prayer / Ingredients of Jehoshaphat’s prayer / Serious prayer / What prayer clarifies for us / Spontaneous prayer / Combining prayer with preparation / Prayer should precede important decisions / Jesus prayed for us too  / Prayer a part of God’s healing process / Prayer for your children / Assurance of answered prayer brings peace/ God hears every prayer / Prayer the secret to a close relationship with God / Pray even when God seems far away / Moving from prayer to praise / Prayer a weapon against evil/ Prayer can release tensions of emotional stress/ Prayer places our focus on God / Intercessory prayer / Why many are afraid to talk with God / Prayer can change events / Prayer in the midst of panic / How do you react to answered prayer? / Daniel’s disciplined prayer life / We can pray anywhere anytime / Using prayer to look holy / Shallow repetition of prayer / The Lord’s Prayer / Discernment to ask for the right things / God’s attitude toward our prayers / Relying on the Holy Spirit in prayer / Can we ask for anything in prayer? / Finding time to pray / Keys to effective prayer / Conditions of prayer / Jesus’ prayer in the garden / How and when God answers our prayers / Prayer puts us under God’s control / Prayer important to evangelism / What “constant” prayer means / Lessons from Jesus’ longest prayer / Early believers’ prayers are a model for us / Don’t be surprised when God answers prayer / God responds to prayer at the right time / How to pray for others / Prayer for spiritual empowering / Persistence in prayer / Power of prayer / Pray for government leaders / What hinders prayer / Pray with reverence yet bold assurance / Christian leaders need our prayers / Most common problems in prayer / Pray rather than revenge / Praying in God’s will / How Nehemiah used prayer / What the book of Psalms says about prayer


Preparation leads to peace / Preparation vital to a project well done / Staying prepared for opportunities / How God was preparing Moses for leadership / Preparing ourselves for fulfillment of God’s promises / Prepare leaders to succeed you / Benefits of preparing for worship / Good leaders prepare their people to function without them / To serve God often begins at a young age / Preparing children to fulfill God’s call / David’s preparations for Temple / Making spiritual preparations / Combining prayer with preparation / Preparation for temptation / Preparation to meet Jesus / How to prepare for Jesus’ return / Jesus preparing a place for his own / Preparation for the Lord’s Supper / Preparation important in serving God effectively / Preparation for those who challenge your faith


Definition / Joy in the presence of God / Into the very presence of God / God’s presence helps us handle change / Yours is more important than words / Pride and God’s presence incompatible / Desire to be in God’s / God’s presence in problems / God never leaves us


Resisting the pressure of the moment / Rationalizing sin when under pressure / Keep pressure from leading to stress / Without God pressure can become too great / How well does your faith stand up to pressure? / What are you like under pressure? / Pressure to compromise / Giving in to crowd’s pressure


Wounded pride makes us want to lash out / Pride causes us to want recognition / Pride makes us take too much of the credit / Taking credit for deeds of others / Pride did Absalom in / David’s census a result of pride / Pride of Naaman / Pride leads to corruption / No one too important for hard work / Prejudice grows out of pride / Job came close to pride / Pride and God’s presence incompatible / Relationship between sexual sin and pride / Pride an ingredient in every quarrel / Satan attacks us in areas of pride / Pride, barrier to belief in Jesus / How pride affects our values / Refusing to accept God’s gifts to you / Does others’ success hurt your pride? / Pride comes from self-righteousness / Pride vanishes when we realize who Jesus is / Pride interferes with our ability to reason / Don’t let pride keep you from asking others for help / Agrippa’s pride led to his death / Being proud of God’s work – How to tell if your pride is selfish or holy / Church discipline can lead to pride / Don’t let pride keep you from admitting sin / Pride blinds us to our faults / What Proverbs says about pride


Priorities demonstrated by our giving / Turn to God first a priority when troubles arise / Priorities in leadership / Right priorities help other things fall into place / What you treasure reveals what your real priorities are / How to discern God’s priorities / How to give God first place in your life / Is Jesus at the top of your priority list? / Valuing things above people / Teachers must focus on Jesus a priority / Priorities indicate sincerity of one’s faith / Choose what are lasting priorities over what is temporary


May be testing your faith / Danger of solving them our way / Blaming others for ours / Don’t run away from / None too complicated for God / Lying brings more / God will help solve yours /God overcomes the impossible ones / Christianity doesn’t guarantee problem-free life / Wrong solutions worse than no solutions / Let them make you better / When you can’t solve yours, God can /  How God views our problems / Can exercise our patience /  Big problems let God give big answers / Maintain your faith despite them / God can get you out of any kind / Do you complain or pray about them? / God concerned about each one / Finding hope in midst of / Focus on positive aspects of / Don’t trust God with only the small ones / From failing to trust God / Overrating yours / Sometimes caused by allowing sin to remain in our lives / How to keep them from getting the upper hand / Our problems are no problem for God to solve /  Turn to God first when problems arise / Look first within yourself for why they come / Don’t complain about them without doing something about them / Putting giant ones in perspective / Look for solutions rather than blame / Come from excusing sin / Don’t question God’s goodness in / Refine our character / Why God is able to bear ours / Are you just using God to escape yours? / Do you rejoice at others’ problems? / Jesus controls the storms of life / Trusting God with / How we underestimate Jesus’ help in / Should not keep us from God / God hasn’t lost sight of yours / Why we should be able to help others with / Developing a new attitude toward / Your life not too complex for God / Don’t let them hinder love / Make prayer your first step in solving / How God works them all for good / Legalism causes us to look for / Let them drive you toward not away from God /  May be a sign of effective living /  What they can teach us


Dealing with procrastination / Don’t put off, procrastinate, responding to God


How to be productive for God / Jesus calls us to be spiritually productive / What happens to unproductive believers?


Remembering God’s promises brings peace / Why it is important to keep your promises / Danger of rash vows / Trusting in God’s promises / God fulfills his promises at the right time / Preparing for fulfillment of God’s promises / Important to learn about God’s promises / Be careful what you promise God in prayer / Promises only as good as the person making them / Comfort in known God keeps his promises / Hollow promises of money / How well you keep promises based on your level of commitment / God’s promises bring contentment in every situation




Understanding God’s protection / Protecting the property of others / Don’t expect God’s help if you abandon him / Forms of God’s protection / God may not protect you from suffering


God as provider


Means of obtaining it were changed after Eden / God provides in amazing ways / God will provide the means to do right


Understanding God’s purpose for your life / How we lose sight of ours / God is directing our lives for a purpose / God has put you where you are for a purpose / Suffering does not destroy life’s purpose / Fulfilling the purpose for which we were made / Jesus’ purpose was to do God’s will / God’s purpose for all believers / The purpose of the Bible / How would you describe your purpose in life?


Quality important to God


Pride an ingredient in every one / Result from evil desires within us


Do you know the real reason you are working so hard? / Reason and reasoned definition / No reason to turn against God / Don’t trust reason above God / Reason for Moses’ census / Sacrifice for the right reason / Many reasons for suffering / Seven reasons not to worry / Believing for the wrong reason / Are you attracted to Christianity for the wrong reason? / Criticism for the right reason / Two reasons not to fear / Do you follow Jesus for right reason(s)? / Doing good for wrong reason(s) / Seek healing for wrong reason(s) / Love is God’s reason for creating the world / Don’t avoid marriage for the wrong reason(s)


Rebellion grows out of a negative attitude / We are rebellious by nature / Slipping into “quiet” rebellion / Rebellion leads to rejection by God / Why couldn’t David crush Absalom’s rebellion? / Rebellion of Adonijah / We always pay for our rebellion / Resenting God’s timing can lead to rebellion / Pilate afraid of rebellion / Rebellion of Barabbas / Israel ripe for rebellion / Jude gives three examples of rebellion


What reconciliation means / Accept those who seek reconciliation / Purpose of church discipline / Reconciling people to God


God is our refuge / Cities of Refuge – Cities of Refuge purpose / Maintaining roads to Cities of Refuge / Joab killed Abner in a City of Refuge


Built with others through hospitality / Built through complimenting others / Harmed by unkept promises / Affect your faith / Look to restore them, not leave them / You will be treated as you treat others / Importance of our spiritual family / Develop them with other Christians / How to build strong ones with other Christians / Why submission is important to / In the home / Between employers and employees / Broken ones affect other believers / Christ can bring a great change in


Are you reliable at keeping your word? / Important in serving God / Of the Bible


Reluctance to share God’s love with our enemies / Don’t be reluctant to clear sin from your life / Reluctance in giving


Prayer reminds us to remember God’s goodness / What will people remember you for? / How you live today will determine how you are remembered / Establish reminders and remember God’s work in your life


Altars often built for spiritual renewal / How we experience renewal / Renewal starts with a vision / The value of renewal / Don’t use renewal as an escape / Renewal comes through Holy Spirit’s work


Reputation comes through serving God / Reputation developed through consistency / How would God summarize your life? / Let God protect your reputation / Protecting God’s reputation / Reputation of tax collectors / Jesus sacrificed his reputation to reach out to others / Reputation should not get in way of witnessing / Valuing reputation higher than God / Risking reputation for Jesus / Helping new believers change their reputation / How is your church’s reputation? / Reputation cannot earn salvation / Reputation reflected by a person’s lifestyle


Why God turns down some of our requests / Don’t be afraid to ask others for help


What does it mean to require something? / Obedience rather than sacrifice is required / What God requires / You’re given what is required of you


Don’t resent God’s punishment / Resentment linked with envy / Don’t resent the work God has given you


God’s resources are available to you / Don’t overlook those God’s given you / How Jesus multiplies ours / Using well those God has given us


Showing respect for God / How did Deborah command such respect? / For those in authority over us / Show it to all people equally / Don’t confuse respectability with right living / Demand it for God not yourself


Daring them to respond / Don’t respond in anger, embarrassment, or resentment / May respond to discipline in several ways / Afraid of how people will respond / Don’t respond to crisis with fear / Respond to God himself / Important to respond to mistakes correctly / Respond with action / How will you respond? / At the right time God will respond / Respond to the Good News / Jesus didn’t respond immediately / How do you respond to the constant pressure to buy? / Give them a chance to respond / How to respond to God when facing death? / How we respond to criticism / How to respond to difficult family situations / How do you respond when someone is suffering? / Today many people don’t respond to biblical truth / On call to respond to the sick / We can respond to suffering in one of three ways / How you respond to struggles shows your attitude / Such a forgiving response / Order and structure can free us to respond to God / Don’t assume someone won’t respond to the Good News / Respond to the truth / Courage to respond to events around us


We should fulfill ours and let God fulfill his / Importance of accepting and fulfilling / Importance of thinking responsibly / Increased opportunity brings increased responsibility / Fear causes us to hide from / Good leaders accept it / Don’t neglect one God-given responsibility for another / To use well what we have / Qualifications for jobs of / Tied to privileges / To keep God’s Word alive for the next generation


The value of rest / Why God wanted Israelites to rest on the Sabbath / What “God’s rest” means / When our rest in Christ begins / God’s invitation to enter into rest


The definition of restoration / Rich and poor both need restoration / God’s emphasis on restoration / God’s ability to restore life / Restoration comes only through Christ’s healing touch / Restoration is the purpose of church discipline / Find restoration in the church / Time for the final restoration


A clear message from God doesn’t mean instant results / End results of self-sacrifice / Hardened hearts results from stubborn unbelief / Results from God’s work in your life / Every action has results / Trust God for the results


Danger of revenge / Revenge must be left to God / Pray instead of seeking revenge / Revenge for an insult / Boomerang effect of revenge / Abigail’s efforts prevented revenge / Forgiveness is stronger than revenge / God never punishes us out of revenge / Jesus’ words about revenge


Are you worried about getting caught or doing right? / Are you worried about looking good or doing right? / Taking a bold stand to do what is right / Not enough to do right some of the time / Danger of doing whatever seems right at the time / Do what is right in the right way / Knowing what is right vs. doing right / Doing right despite the effort / Something done well is not always good / Learning to discern right from wrong / Persistent sin makes us forget what is right / Absence of guilty conscience doesn’t mean we’re doing right / Doing right despite social pressure / Satisfying right desires in wrong ways / We do wrong when we know what’s right / Sin is ignoring what is right


Can’t run from your problems / Disciples ran away from Jesus / Running from temptation


A true sacrifice is giving something that costs / Doing it for the right reasons / Be willing to give up everything for Jesus / Jesus worth any sacrifice / End results of self-sacrifice / Is there any difference between a sacrifice and an offering?


Money can’t buy safety / Everlasting safety found in Jesus / Safety found in God


Can’t inherit it / For all people / Jesus’ humanity important to / Why Jesus came to save us / Submission leads to / As both spiritual and physical / How to get it / Responding to God’s invitation of / As an act of total forgiveness / A gift from God / Knowing the Bible is not enough for / Security of  Holy Spirit urges us toward / Obeying the law does not bring it / God saves us by faith alone / How much faith does it require? / Jesus’ doing, not ours and So simple to receive it / We can’t take credit for / Benefits both us and God / God wants all to be saved / God’s plan from the beginning

SARCASM see Hardened Heart:

What a hardened heart, means / Did God intentionally harden Pharaoh’s heart? / Hardened hearts results from stubborn unbelief /  A hardened heart keeps us from seeing our need for God / God’s Word can’t take root in a hardened heart / How to react to sarcasm, a person with a hardened heart / God’s punishment for a  hardened heart / How a hardened heart happens


Desire for short-term satisfaction often dangerous / Satisfaction comes from the proper perspective / Satisfying selfish desires by taking advantage of others / Finding lasting satisfaction / What should we do to satisfy God? / Satisfying spiritual hunger / How to be satisfied with what you have / Don’t be satisfied with your good deeds


Definition / To fulfill what the Scriptures say / The other parts of Scripture / Measuring the effectiveness of your Bible study time / Forcing its message to fit our desires / Should have immediate impact on us / Acts not condemned in Scripture aren’t necessarily okay / Teaches us difference between right and wrong / Reliability of  / A map to guide us / Helps us find wisdom / As a light / Our responsibility to pass it on / Must be put into practice / Don’t ignore the parts that make you uncomfortable / Pastors and leaders must not be ignorant of / Using it to combat temptation / Using it wrongly to support sinful desires / Keeping God’s laws but missing true intent / Knowing it but not living it / Its truths never change / Reveals a living God / Offers help for our problems / Holy Spirit helps us understand it / Ask others to help you understand it / Don’t accept only certain parts of / Compare what you hear with the truths of Scripture / What to do when Bible is silent on an issue / Not for information but transformation / Don’t miss its main point for the details / Ignoring it is neglecting God / All Scripture is inspired by God / Purpose of / Cannot shape its doctrines to match your opinions / Ignorance of it makes us vulnerable to deception / It reveals who we are and what we are not / Relevant to all ages / Don’t distort its message


Definition of search, searching, searchlight / Spirit searches out everything / Search the Scriptures to verify the message


Don’t get so secure you miss God’s plan / Security found in God / Real security is knowing God never changes / Do you know what real security is? / Security comes from humility / Seeking security in the wrong places / Jesus is the source of security / Recognizing false security / False security of wealth


Definition of seeking, seek / Seeking security in the wrong places / Obeying God vs. seeking others’ approval, peer pressure / Seeking God’s praise rather than people’s / Seek your heart’s desire, happiness, lasting joy, peace / Seek God and live as He directs you / Seek His face for forgiveness / Seek now before it’s too late / Seek healing for wrong reasons / God seeks out sinners/ Seek and save those who are lost / Seek unity in marriage / Pray instead of seeking revenge / Why religious leaders weren’t seeking truth


Looking out only for yourself  / Sin causes you to focus on / Do you worry first about yourself or others? / Idol worship is / When you’re too worried about what others think of you / Characteristic of poor leadership / How it brings a loss of hope / Repentance means turning from / Being childlike vs. childish / Contrasted with willing obedience / Opposite of true love / Shown by ability to hold your tongue / Needed to grow spiritually / God’s love the basis for / Found in knowing we are created in God’s image / Comes from the breath of God  / Relying on achievements for / You have great value to God / How to honestly evaluate yourself / Comes from focusing on others rather than yourself / God can use us just as he made us


Do you worry first about yourself or others? / Idol worship is being self-centered / Being self-centered is when you’re too worried about what others think of you / Being self-centered is a characteristic of poor leadership / How being self-centered brings a loss of hope / Repentance means turning from self-centeredness / Self-centeredness, being childlike vs. childish / Self-centeredness contrasted with willing obedience / Self-centeredness is opposite of true love


Self-control shown by ability to hold your tongue / Self-control needed to grow spiritually


Undisciplined children lack of self-discipline / Self-discipline developed through trials


God’s love the basis for self-esteem / Self-esteem found in knowing we are created in God’s image / Comes from the breath of God / Relying on achievements for / You have great value to God / How to honestly evaluate yourself / Comes from focusing on others rather than yourself / God can use us just as he made us


Getting your way could be costly / Leads to blind ambition / Using God’s gifts to you for selfish purposes / Following God for selfish gain / How yours affects others / In serving / Could you give up everything to follow Jesus? / In the pursuit of pleasure / Denying the urge forward / With our money / Cured by servant hood / How it causes quarrels / Keeps us from being sensitive to weaker brother


To effectively serve God you must fulfill the conditions of his Word / Serving God is selfless, not self-centered / Avoid excuses when God calls you to serve / Working for God not same as serving him / God has a place for all to serve / Shows us the real purpose of living / Leads to true greatness and Keeps us aware of other’s needs / Serving even at great cost to you / Don’t let it become self-serving and Don’t let it degenerate into busywork / Cure for selfishness / Must give up your “rights” to


Shame as a result of sin / Live your life so God is not ashamed / You won’t be ashamed if you focus on God / Never shameful to suffer for Jesus


Share what the Lord has given you / Why we should share what we have with others / How the early church shared / We can afford to share / Sharing is pleasing to God


How obeying God’s laws can keep us from sickness / Sickness will one day be no more / Sickness of the woman who touched Jesus


Definition of a sign / God’s sign of the calendar /  What kind of sign did Abraham’s servant ask for? / Looking for a spectacular sign from God / Danger of asking God for a sign / The sign of Immanuel  / Religious leaders demand a sign from Jesus / Blessed if we don’t see a sign and believe / The ultimate sign / Thought the Messiah would be accompanied by signs and miracles / Paul did many signs, wonders, and miracles


How it changes people / Why Satan tempts us to / How its effect spreads /Seriousness of  / Breaks fellowship with God / Trying to excuse it by blaming others / Disobedience is sin / Even small amount can be deadly / “Small” sins can grow out of control / Choosing to sin brings God sorrow /  Affects even the most godly people / Sinning out of desperation / Turning sinful acts into habits / May not seem costly at first / Ignoring ours while condemning others’ / Won’t go unnoticed / Significance of our redemption from / Its consequences are passed on / Compromise dulls our sensitivity to / Unintentional sins are still sins / Significance of Day of Atonement / Extra danger of intentional sin / It should anger us / Don’t hesitate to remove it / God isn’t too “nice” to judge sin / Importance of ridding your life of / Always hurts someone else / Why we fail to rid our lives of / Ultimately against God / Don’t let guilt feelings over sin keep you from praying / Consequences of intentional sin more severe / One sin leads to another / Continuous sin makes us insensitive to / Covering up sin leads to more sin / Danger of ignoring it / Can Satan force us to? / God can bring good out of / Backsliding starts with one small sin / The worst sinners lead others into sin / Repentance changes attitudes that lead to sin / Importance of speaking out against / Has twisted justice and made life unpredictable / Developing sensitivity toward / God’s punishment should restrain us from / Ask God to point out yours / Often appears attractive / God removes its stain / Are there some you refuse to give up? / God not limited by ours / Danger of tolerating sin / Like an incurable disease / Getting rid of sin is just the first step / Dealing with those who sin against us / Cools your love for God / Importance of Jesus’ dying for / Wrong words can lead to / Begins with attitudes and thoughts / Our own efforts not enough to defeat / Responsibility to confront it / How we rationalize ours / Must face it before you can be forgiven / Why sin against Holy Spirit is unforgivable / God seeks out sinners / As a darkness in our lives / Receiving forgiveness for / Find freedom from its control / Not always punished immediately / No sin too great for God to forgive / Can’t have benefits of Christianity while clinging to sin / Why is God angry at sinful people? / Just one enough to condemn us / How to speak out against / Never underestimate its power / Helping sinners vs. judging them / Church cannot ignore flagrant sin / Difference between judging others and dealing with their sin / Conversion doesn’t take away sinful desires at once / How to get out from its control / Consider its long-range consequences / Sin is also not doing right / Confessing them to each other / Forgiveness may not stop sin’s consequences / The difference between committing a sin and remaining in sin / Don’t accommodate it under the guise of being open-minded


Sincerity no substitute for obedience / Value of sincerity / Sincerity in worship / Sincerity in actions as well as attitudes / Jesus will reveal the sincerity of each person’s work


Don’t let your skills diminish / Developing your skills leads to greater opportunities


Cure for sleepless nights / God never sleeps


Sorrow of God, for people’s sin / Repentance involves true sorrow for sin / Naomi trusted God despite her sorrow / Why was God sorry he made Saul king? / Grieving helps us deal with sorrow / Sorrow may be needed to draw you to God / God will end all your sorrow


Definition of soul / Soul, parallels between physical and spiritual life / Believers’ souls can’t be harmed by Satan / Grow from the bitterness of your soul / Soul not left among the dead / Reviving the soul / Free nourishment that feeds our soul / Is anything worth more than your soul? / With all your heart, all your soul / Spirit, soul, and body the entire being of a person  / Saving your soul / Well-being for both body and soul


No one can counter God’s sovereignty / Gaining proper perspective of God’s sovereignty


What they are / How they can split a church / How to use them effectively / Yours are meant to complement others’ / Church must not be selective about / Teamwork needed in using them / Two errors to avoid with / Don’t think yours are more important / Exercise them where they’re most useful / Must be used with love / Spiritual gifts to contribute to the strength and health / How we smother them / Must be exercised / Using well the abilities God has given us / Signify God’s presence


Difficulties an opportunity for spiritual growth /  Mapping your spiritual progress / Hearing, learning, and following / Spiritual growth is gradual, not instant / Suffering an opportunity for spiritual growth / Spiritual growth compared to a tree / Spiritual growth shown by what we do and don’t do / Time alone with God important to spiritual growth / Understanding the process of spiritual growth / Parallels between physical and spiritual life / God’s pruning strengthens us / How a person becomes pure and holy / Do you really want to learn more about Jesus / Must follow up with new believers / How to strengthen weak faith / What infant Christians are / Disciplines needed in Christian life / The need for spiritual check-ups / Do others recognize changes God has made in you? / Results from God’s work in your life / Is your spiritual growth making progress? / How to live for God / Can’t separate spiritual life from the rest of life / Difference between becoming perfect and becoming holy / How we grow through life’s stages / The difference between committing a sin and remaining in sin / Actions that come from right attitudes / Training for the Christian life


Facing new situations or surroundings / How Jesus can make you a “new” person / What it means to be a “new” person / How it occurs / A gift from God / Comes only through Christ / Doesn’t take away sinful desires at once / Privileges that come from


Restoring our spiritual vision / Spiritual vision as shown by two blind men


Stability found in God’s unchangeable nature / Stability found in moving with God


John put his status aside to point others to Jesus / Status vs. service / How we seek status today / Religious leaders’ hunger for status / God doesn’t rate us according to status / Why do we attribute such importance to status?


Balance between generosity and stewardship


How we are to treat them


How strong is God? / Danger of fighting with our own strength / Dealing with weaknesses enhances your strengths / God sends / God’s strength is our source of / Satan often attacks your


Comes from failing to trust God / Prayer can help with


Danger of stubborn disobedience to God / Stubbornness can blind a person to truth / Stubbornness can lead to a hardened heart / Persistence can turn into stubbornness / Sometimes God lets us continue in stubbornness / Nineveh’s repentance contrasted to Israel’s stubbornness / Stubbornness of Judah / Don’t let doubt lead to stubbornness


Don’t compare your success with others’ / What true success is / Success doesn’t always indicate God’s approval / Why was Saul successful despite evil deeds? / Success didn’t make David proud / Success comes from controlling ambition / Acknowledge God’s role in your success / Real success doesn’t compromise integrity / Disciples preoccupied with success / How to succeed in God’s eyes


Developing eternal perspective toward suffering / How Israelites could have avoided their suffering / Does it take suffering to turn back to God? / Why the world is full of suffering / Suffering destroys counterfeit faith / Silence may be most helpful to those who are suffering / Lessons from Job’s life about suffering / Suffering drives us back to the basics of faith / Suffering cannot destroy life’s purpose / Eliphaz’s wrong assumptions about suffering / Don’t sin as a result of suffering / Suffering caused Job to say things he would regret / Suffering can lead to self-pity / Suffering makes us jump to false conclusions / Zophar’s limited view of suffering / Suffering tests our values / Ways to comfort those suffering / How you react to suffering reflects what you believe / Elihu’s limited view of suffering / Job’s greatest test was not knowing why he suffered / Suffering demonstrates our loyalty to God / Trying to protect loved ones from suffering / Suffering will one day end / Identifying with believers in suffering / The great suffering Jesus faced / Rewards suffering brings / Why Jesus suffered for us / Developing a willing attitude about suffering / Promises to claim in suffering / Suffering not always a result of sin / God demonstrates his power through suffering / Are you willing to suffer for the Good News? / Why early believers glad to suffer / Why does God allow suffering? / How much must believers endure suffering? / The benefits of suffering / Suffering may be a sign of effective living / Patience and faith needed in suffering / Why Jesus’ suffering made him a perfect leader / Why Jesus can identify with our suffering / Why we choose to endure suffering at times / Expect suffering / What suffering can teach us / Many reasons for suffering / Peter learned about suffering from Jesus / How sin loses its power when we suffer / Never shameful to suffer for Christ / Don’t let suffering drive you away from God


Our responsibility to support God’s ministers / Support those who are struggling / Importance of those who provide support services / Believers need each other’s support


Don’t be surprised when some reject your faith / God often uses unexpected sources when working in our lives / Surprises at who God chooses to do his work / Our troubles don’t surprise God / Don’t be surprised when someone turns to God / Those in God’s Kingdom may surprise us / Jesus’ empty tomb surprised disciples / Don’t be surprised when God answers prayer


Don’t let your talents diminish / Talents can make it difficult to trust God / How Jesus expects us to use our talents


Teaching children to follow God / Teaching a responsibility of all parents / Acquiring a teachable attitude / Developing discernment in teaching / How to treat people while teaching / Teaching in personal and family relationships / What Proverbs says about teaching / Special responsibility of teachers


Ways to resist temptation / Why Satan tempts us / Temptation causes us to doubt God’s goodness / How temptation makes us think we’re doing right / How temptation begins / Avoiding temptations too strong for you / Temptation to follow today’s “idols” / Resisting temptation when under pressure / Sometimes you must literally run away from temptation / Danger of letting yourself be tempted / Without God temptation can become too great / Don’t entertain temptation / Temptation attacks at our weak spots / When to prepare for temptation / Don’t be tempted by wealth of wicked / Preparing for temptation / Temptation distracts us from our commitments / Temptation is real, not imagined / Temptation not a sin, but giving in is / Temptation attacks those strengths that can lead us to pride / Temptation satisfying right desires in wrong ways / Use Scripture to combat temptation / Temptation often comes in attractive and convincing forms / God never leads us into temptation/ Temptation works at our doubts / Temptation never leaves us permanently / Holy Spirit won’t make us immune to temptation / Resisting temptation of sexual sin / Recognize your areas of weakness to temptation / Marriage won’t eliminate sexual temptation / Snowball effect of temptation  / People often give into temptation gradually


It’s time to express yours / Developing an attitude of / Should be continuous part of life / Elements of / In all areas of life / Thank those who have helped you / About the spiritual gifts of others / Should move us to action / For God’s available strength / For those who bring you joy / How to give thanks in everything


Thinking about what you don’t have / Think before you act / Think before you speak / Importance of ridding wrong ones from your life / Your thoughts reflect your character / Controlling yours / Evil actions begin with / What we think about determines what we say / Christ rules in our hearts and minds / Six ways to think like Christ


Your time for changing may be running out / Time heals many wounds / Guard your time with God / Taking time out from work / Spend more of time thinking about eternity / Understanding God’s perspective on time / Many need time to think about the Good News


God rescues us in his timing, not ours / Do what is right at the right time / Waiting for God’s timing / Mixing right desires with wrong timing / Jesus trusted God’s timing / Jesus came at the right time


Your present situation is training for future service to God / Training new leaders for times of transition / Lack of training shouldn’t keep you from serving / How Jesus trained his disciples / Spiritual fitness training / Whom are you training to carry on your faith? / Promote right training


Definition of transformed / A transformed life


Troubles may be testing your faith or character / Lying only brings more trouble / See troubles as opportunities for growth / Finding hope in troubles / Don’t question God’s goodness in troubles / Your life is not too complex for God / Jesus controls the storms of life / God pays attention to those who call on him in times of trouble


Half-truths show a lack of trust in God / Difficult to continue trusting when nothing seems to happen / When facing new situations / Difficult when one is strong, attractive, or talented / In God’s promises / Trust God for the way out of your problems / Takes time to build it up / In God’s promises / Trust God for the way out of your problems / Trusting God the first time / Trusting God spares us much grief / Lack of trust leads to stress / Essential to marriage / Don’t trust God with only small problems / Failing to trust God brings problems / Broken by unkept promises / Trusting God when resources slipping away / Wipes out fear / Can you trust in God no matter what? / God won’t forsake those who trust him / Real trust brings consistency of character / How lustful thoughts break trust in marriage / How worry affects our trust in God / With childlike faith / Children learn it from parents / Helps with fear / A part of faith / Acting upon / How we trust in God / Lack of trust keeps us from receiving God’s best for us / Danger of trusting in your efforts


Stubborn disobedience can blind one to truth / Standing up for truth / Truth worth believing / Applying a true principle wrongly / Truth tested through suffering / Recognizing truth vs. living truth / Truth provides the right path to follow / Truth never changes / Truth can make us uncomfortable / Denying the truth doesn’t change it / Why it is important to tell the truth / Who God reveals truth to / How truth is revealed to us / Prejudice can blind us to truth / Consequences of resisting truth / Determining what is and isn’t truth / Jesus the foundation of truth / Don’t think you know all the truth / How Jesus’ truth sets us free / Jesus as the way, truth, and life / Holy Spirit is our source for truth / How the world defines truth / Why religious leaders weren’t seeking truth / Why many push truth away / Difficult to spot twisted truth / Holding onto truth / Wisdom as applied truth


Clean vs. unclean animals / You aren’t made unclean by eating non-kosher food / Unclean animals represented sin or unhealthy habits


Obeying God even when you don’t understand why / When you don’t understand yourself / Why Jesus can understand our struggles / When you don’t understand everything about Jesus / Gaining spiritual understanding / Why some do not understand God’s truth


God’s plans not limited by unfairness / When you’re suffering from unfair rejection / God’s solution to an unfair world / Life isn’t always fair


Unity related to faith in God / Barriers to unity / Achieving unity amidst conflict / Unity comes through organization / Unity cannot be obtained by force / Unity comes from looking out for one another / Importance of unity / Our common faith should unify us / How we are united with Christ? / Why Jesus stressed unity among believers / Holy Spirit unites Christian community / Differences of opinion need not affect unity / Unity a priority for the church / Unity as illustrated by the body / Seek unity in marriage / Lack of unity comes from lack of love / Unity must be worked at / Why lying is dangerous to unity / Achieving unity in marriage / Love is the greatest unifying force


God can use us just the way he made us / Ours is determined by how God uses us / Obedience makes us useful to God / God uses simple objects to accomplish great tasks


Overcoming feelings of uselessness

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