Topics V-Z


You have value to God / Let others know how much you value them / Appearance doesn’t reveal true value / Put more value on intangible results than tangible objects / The value Jesus places on life / Priceless value of God’s Kingdom


What do you allow to influence yours / Foundation of one’s authority / What you cherish shows your values / God the source of / God’s are opposed to society’s / Adjusting to culture without compromising them / Heavenly vs. earthly ones / Valuing things above human life / Jesus turns the world’s values around / Judging others by wrong ones / How well do you reflect Kingdom values? / Society’s values can make believers feel like misfits / We do wrong when we know what’s right / What to do when the Bible is silent on a moral issue / Why we should live by God’s standards / Being good vs, being godly / What you value shows how eternal your perspective is



Should violence ever be used against wrongdoers?


Definitions of vision / Inspire others with your vision / The Lord gives you courage through visions / Why God gave a vision to Abraham / Purpose of Isaiah’s vision / Vision of Ezekiel / Special abilities to understand visions / Young men will see visions / Vision of Joseph, Mary’s husband / What John’s vision was like / Amos’s visions / Zechariah’s visions


When it’s hard to wait / What is worth waiting for? / Sometimes a part of God’s plan / Benefits of waiting on God / How to wait for Christ’s return / God’s love is waiting for your response / What you can do while / Waiting for God’s timing


Views about the flood of Noah’s day / Importance of ancient wells / Water given to weary travelers by the well / Egypt dependent upon Nile River for water / Why David poured out water men gave him / What Jesus meant by “living water” / Messiah’s life-giving blessings / Watering your life / Water, a symbol of eternal life


Where temptation strikes / Expressing emotions not always a sign of / Don’t dwell on others’ weaknesses / Dealing with them enhances your strengths / what is weak faith? / Determining weak areas in your spiritual growth / God demonstrates his power through / Why we must deal with ours


Can entice and enslave us / Don’t value wealth more highly than God / Wealth can dull our spiritual vision / Wealth can cause you to forget God / What true wealth is / Following God for selfish gain / Wealth not always a sign of God’s blessing / Wealth can lead to self-sufficiency / Taking advantage of others to increase your wealth / Faith in God doesn’t guarantee wealth / Wealth does not measure happiness / Ironies in how we use wealth / Harder for wealthy to enter God’s Kingdom / Jews’ views about wealth / Dealing with the love of wealth / How wealth makes one less dependent on God / Wealth is temporary / Wealth not same as the good life / Using wealth wisely / Earthly vs. heavenly rewards / Priceless gift of eternal life / Possessing much wealth carries greater responsibility / Why do we attribute such importance to wealth? / Why we should be glad wealth means nothing to God / Gaining proper perspective of wealth / Taking advantage of others to gain wealth / Wealth can make you too comfortable


Definition of willingness / Willingness to give / Willingness to learn / Willingness to believe / Be open to their willingness / Willingness to obey / Willingness to serve / Willingness to let God work in your life / God’s provision as large as your faith and willingness / Willingness to follow / Willingness to put peace above personal desires


We should ask God for / Having wisdom vs. acting upon it / What true wisdom is / Not limited by age / Why it is found only in God / Comes from reading the Bible / If wisdom is our goal; wisdom and foolishness contrasted / Comes from listening / Takes effort to find and use it / A constant process of growth / Parents must encourage their children to become wise / You must decide to go after it / Wisdom & foolishness contrasted /  Wisdom of not being selfish / Wisdom for not treating others justly / Wisdom for not forsaking our sin / Wisdom is not thinking money is everything / Wisdom is not overlooking our mistakes or thinking we could be wrong / World’s wisdom vs. God’s wisdom / Tapping wisdom of the elderly / Comes from walking with God


Don’t go back on your word / Sometimes best to remain quiet / Why we should use words carefully / Think before you speak the words / Words reveal what is in our heart / Paul cautions against vulgar speech, words used / Be gracious in your speech, words used / What motivates your words


How we complete the work God gives us / Working for God different than serving him / No one important for hard work / Know why you are working hard / Your ability to find satisfacting in your work depends to a large extent upon your attitude / Doing work out of love for God / Believers’ work has eternal results / God’s work in and for us


Don’t worry about details beyond your control / Can cause us to forfeit peace with God / Can reveal a lack of faith in God’s control / Don’t worry if you can’t understand everything / Its ill effects / Difference between planning and worrying / Holy Spirit helps us stop / Other ways to resist / Most will seem trivial in the future / Turn your worries into prayers / Seven reasons not to worry


Behind the scenes tasks important to worship / Rediscover why you worship as you do / Celebration an important part of worship / Important principles of worship / Replacing true worship with a homemade version / Developing proper attitudes toward worship / Many ways people contribute to worship / Preparing for worship / How to worship all the time / Balancing seriousness with enthusiasm / Evaluate your attitude toward worship / When worship is a chore / Is your worship routine or real? / Can’t worship while maintaining a sinful lifestyle / Place of worship not as important as the pattern of worship / Wise men demonstrate essence of worship / Importance of regular church worship / How Holy Spirit helps us worship / Society worships the wrong things / Church services must be beneficial to worshipers / Worship must be done with harmony and order / God alone is worthy of worship


You are of great worth to God / No one is beyond God’s touch / Definition of worthy / A life worthy of your calling / Worthy . . . to receive glory


Guilt warns us of wrong / Refusing to admit when wrong / Correct yourself in middle of wrongdoing / Our wrongs always catch up with us / Unintentional wrongs are still sins / Do you allow wrong to continue unchecked? / Can Satan force us to do wrong? / Israelites made it, wrong, a way of life / Avoiding wrong vs. doing right / Wrongs to avoid / Learning to discern right from wrong / Satisfying right desires in wrong ways / A small amount of wrong affects many / Wrongs consequences not always immediate

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